The Truth: Democrats want Open Borders so they can Replace their Voters

The President continues to battle Democrats (and more than a few Republicans) over their plans to grant amnesty to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal immigrants.

The DACA illegals, sometimes called “DREAMers,” have been at the center of the immigration debate for several years now. They are quite literally, the “poster children” for the Democrat Party’s attempts to destroy our borders and circumvent the rule of law.

Sadly, several Republicans (John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, and a few others) have decided to help the Democrats out of some misguided belief that the liberals are being honest about their intentions with amnesty.

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In the past, the President has been empathetic to the cause of the DREAMers, even signaling that he supported their efforts to remain in the United States. However, as he’s grown into the presidency he has realized that they are simply being used as a club to bludgeon the GOP into submission on illegal immigration. In fact, the President has now turned the tables and promised the Democrats that there would be no movement on DACA until the Democrats meet him halfway and help him get his border wall built.

Of course, this is something that Democrats have been thus far unwilling to do.

The reality is that the Democrats don’t really care about the DREAMers as a cause, they only care about them as a means to an end.

The Democrats know that their party is dying and the easiest route to their survival is “demographic replacement.” That is, replacing the voters they’ve lost with new voters culled mostly from the illegal immigrant population that they want to amnesty. It’s easier than serving the public, it means that the Democrats get to hold on to their terrible ideas, their outdated philosophy, and their bankrupt morality… and instead they just promise a whole new group of people a few welfare goodies to get their votes.

Watch as Tucker Carlson explains:

It’s not extreme to say that an amnesty should be limited to DREAMers and not their extended families in other countries. It’s not extreme to say employers ought to follow existing federal statutes or that big city mayors should stop pretending they run their own countries. These are basic ideas. They treat existing American immigration law as real. Something that should be enforced. They assume not every single person on earth has the moral right to enter this country for any reason and go on public assistance. By the way, the public agrees with those ideas, strongly if you believe the polls on the subject. 

Democrats don’t believe in them. Any measure that makes it harder for immigrants to come here illegally and stay forever at public expense is racist and immoral. They’ve said that repeatedly. Why do they think that? Is there some good reason to think that? Is there any economist on the planet who believes the key to thriving in a high tech economy is importing millions of poor people with fifth-grade educations who don’t speak English? Is that good for your country? Of course not. But Democrats don’t see immigration as a way to improve the United States but, instead, as a way to transform the country to their political advantage. 

There is no precedent for this attitude in American politics. It’s never happened. Traditionally, politicians try to win votes by improving the lives of voters. It’s pretty simple, it’s been going on for a long time. Herbert Hoover, a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage that was his promise during the 1928 campaign, he won. Because voters appreciate it. They always do appreciate it if they think you are trying to help them. 

Bill Clinton got elected twice because he campaigned on actual tangible concerns of actual people, middle class people. That all seems like ancient history. Democrats don’t do that anymore. Moderate Democrats understand that changing the minds of voters is hard. Especially when you despise them and attack them for the sin of, I don’t know, being white or male or privileged or heteronormative or whatever. They don’t like you if you don’t like them. So, you don’t bother changing their minds. You change the voters themselves…

Democrats know if they keep up the flood of illegals into the country they can eventually turn it into a flood of voters for them. They don’t have to foster economic growth or be capable administrators or provide good government. They just have to keep the pump flowing and the power will be theirs. It’s not a conspiracy theory it’s happening in public. You can watch it happen. 

So when Democrats howl about shutting down the government because they want total surrender on DACA, remember, this is the reason why. Their political success does not depend on good policies but on demographic replacement and they’ll do anything to make sure it happens. 

And one more thing by the way. In the interest of nonpartisan fairness and honesty which we believe in, it’s not just Democrats who believe in protecting illegal immigrants at all cost. Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, he is retiring but he is still a Republican. He agreed to support the GOP tax plan in return for the promise of an amnesty deal. You thought the tax plan was about cutting your taxes or making our economy stronger, doing something for this country. But for Jeff Flake, and likely for other Republicans on Capitol Hill, I hate to say it, but it’s true, the real priority was making sure that not a single illegal was ever deported because that’s what they really care about.

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