The UN as a Cocaine Hub

Of course, we all know that the Federal government has never really wanted to win the war against drugs. If Federal officials were serious about it, they would look at the the Walmart for drugs: The public schools. There is no other institution in the United States which does so much for the drug traffic as your local school. The clients are brought in every day, by buses, away from the oversight of the deal-breakers – the parents – and free to shop. There will never be enough police to cover all the corners and secret places at a public school where the dealers can sell their merchandise. The public school in America is a drug salesman’s dream come true.

But you never hear any Federal government agent make the connection and call for action; even though the connection is obvious to all of us. How many times has a drug salesman come to your front door trying to sell drugs to your children? He doesn’t have to. He knows that every day you will put those children on the yellow bus and ship them to him. No need for door-to-door marketing. And the Federal government encourages you to do that.

But it still taxes you for its War on Drugs, while running also the Walmart for Drugs, the public schools.

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Last week, we discovered another example where the Federal government is not serious about the War on Drugs. A shipment containing 16 kilograms of cocaine was seized last week at the U.N.’s mail intake center by the New York Police Department deputies. The shipment came from Mexico City, and apparently was directed to someone at the UN headquarters in New York City; that much was clear.

But the U.N. undersecretary-general for safety and security Gregory B. Starr told reporters Thursday evening that “there is nothing to indicate that this had anything to do with anybody at the United Nations.” He also said that “This did not come from a United Nations facility. It was not, in my opinion, not intended to go to a United Nations facility.”

Uh huh. Innocent mistake. Wrong address. Things happen. Drug cartels are known for making those innocent mistakes, sending shipments for half million dollars to the wrong address. They meant some other place, Bronx, perhaps, but they just make a little mistake on the label and it ended in the UN mail facility. What’s half million dollars to them, after all.

Hardly. Contrary to Gregory Starr’s claims, drug cartels don’t make those mistakes. And if the shipment was addressed to the UN, everything indicates that is has to do with somebody at the United Nations. And it was intended by all means to arrive to someone at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Starr can babble all day long; facts speak louder.

Let’s see now.

For 60+ years the United States government has been on a crusade to export democracy and liberty around the world. At the same time, this same government has been providing free buildings and free conference rooms for all kinds of dictators, in addition to giving them the mike – paid by the American taxpayers – to speak their socialist or Islamic propaganda. And that in the heart of the biggest American city whose main symbol is the Statue of Liberty. Instead of pulling out of the United Nations, our presidents – the conservative ones too – have been encouraging the UN to provide a place where the dictators of the world can unite against liberty and justice for all and legitimize their dictatorships and their crimes against their own peoples back home.

Now, in the middle of a War on Drugs, paid for by the American taxpayer, the United Nations seems to serve as a cocaine hub for America. Shipments just come to it in the mail, using the privilege of diplomatic immunity. One was caught but who knows how many made it to their recipient? And our government is paying thousands of agents to hunt cocaine in other places.

What would have happened if 16 kilograms of cocaine was caught in any black neighborhood in America? Would anyone say that “there is nothing to indicate that this had anything to do with anybody in this neighborhood, and it wasn’t intended to go to this neighborhood”? Thousands of young black men rot in prisons because of the non-violent “crime” of possessing as much as a few grams of cocaine. But when it comes to the diplomats at the United Nations, they get a free pass.

So, now, we have a cocaine hub in New York City – the United Nations. We finance it with our taxes. And we also finance the War on Drugs. Makes great sense.

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