The War on Terror in Action

We are now safe, after we have the Patriot Act, and the NDAA. We are safe having TSA everywhere, and the prospect of being indefinitely detained in military camps here in America. The War on Terror is obviously very successful here at home: No Muslim has been arrested yet for acts of terror. And since Muslims are so quiet about terror these days, we have the next most dangerous enemy to worry about: American teenage girls.

That’s why a 16-year-old girl was arrested a few days ago in Iowa and was charged with “conspiracy to commit terrorism.” No one knows yet what exactly the girl was planning to do. Since the last fad among the terrorist-hunters is that elusive nuclear bomb that Iran is still producing (while the intelligence experts say Iran isn’t), most probably the girl had that nuclear bomb and was planning on detonating it in the school’s restrooms. Or something like that.

Anyway, a terrorist was arrested, and we all can feel safe now.

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Or may be not. A statement by the Police Chief Jim Clark quoted by the media should make us aware that we are not safe:

“The staff at each school campus has been diligent at establishing an environment where students could feel safe and confident that they can go to an adult when they hear things that could compromise their safety or the safety of others.”

In other words, the girl was framed by her schoolmates. The new policy that encourages fear and mutual distrust is taking roots at the government schools. Students are encouraged to imagine all kinds of evils that their schoolmates are planning to achieve, and inform on them to the “authorities.” When a student wants revenge, the best way now is to frame his target: “He is conspiring to do terrorism.”

This should also tell us who the targets of the new indefinite detention law will be: American citizens, and may be even teenagers. And it should tell us how we will end up in indefinite detention: Being framed by other people. “He is conspiring to do terrorism, Comrade Commissar.”

This culture of fear and mutual distrust is described by Solzhenitsyn in his books. When it develops, it creates a rotten society. Our politicians and bureaucrats have found the best place to start developing it: The government schools. Lenin and Mao discovered it way before them. The damage is so great that it will take generations to be undone in China and in Russia.

Hopefully American parents will be wiser and will pull their children out of that rotten culture before Comrade Commissar knocks on their door on report from their own children.


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