Theaters Continue to Shun Christian Movies While Catering to Moral Decadence

I realize that the main purpose of movie theaters is to make money as well as entertain the American public.  The movie industry spends millions of dollars trying to get the next box office hit.

I rarely go to the movies anymore because most of what is shown has foul language, nudity or strong sexual suggestiveness, graphic violence and general immoral storylines.  There is also a growing trend to promote the homosexual agenda.

In general, the majority of movies at the theaters are very anti-Christian and anti-Bible.

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I remember a few years ago when a news person interviewed an executive with one of the national movie theater chains about showing more quality wholesome movies with a Christian emphasis and the response was that if they made such movies that the theaters would definitely show them.

Since that time, I know of several well-made wholesome movies with a Christian emphasis, but they were not shown in many theaters including some of the national chains.

For instance the movie Courageous had a great message.  I found it to be well made as it took you through a variety of emotions and it made you think about your own family.  It was shown in some theaters, but not for very long and many theaters opted not to show it at all.

More recently, was the movie October Baby.  This was an especially hard hitting movie about a young lady who finds out she was adopted and her whole life changes.  Rather than tell you what happens I strongly suggest you try to find it in a theater if possible, (only a very few of them are showing it) or try to rent or buy the DVD when it comes out.

Earlier this week, there was a live streamed showing of Kirk Cameron’s new movie Monumental at the local theater.  It was a one-time only showing as Cameron is having great difficulty getting it into theaters across the nation.  I wasn’t able to go and see it, but my daughter and her husband did and said it was a great movie that traced America’s Christian heritage.  The movie revealed the true history of America which is probably why the liberal movie and theater industry are reluctant to show it.

If the theater industry wants my money, then they need to start showing more family oriented (and I don’t mean the dysfunctional or homosexual families) and clean up the language, nudity, morality and graphic violence.  However, I don’t see that happening as they are catering to the decadence and depravity that is quickly becoming the norm of American society.

It’s not just entertaining; it’s a commentary of just how far America has fallen from its Christian foundations.  It may also be one of the last pictures of American culture before we see the wrath of God’s final judgment on a nation who has turned away from Him and that scares me more than anything else in the world.

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