There’s a Reason MSNBC Sees Racism Everywhere

I must have one of those defective Bibles.

Mine says God created man in his own image. Someone apparently took out the clause that says “except for those funny looking guys.”

Then there’s that line in the Declaration of Independence about self-evident truths like all men being created equal.

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I guess I’ve been brainwashed, because I’ve just gone around thinking that people are fundamentally the same deep down, despite our surface differences.

Thank goodness we have MSNBC to teach us better.

The race-baiting network is consistent in its view that racism is everywhere, and it’s all the Right’s fault. They only occasionally get called on it because, well, it’s MSNBC isn’t it?

They did get forced to apologize the other day by an angry letter from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus after some unidentified schlub at MSNBC tweeted, “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.”

The tweet linked to an MSNBC story about the Cheerios ad that will air during the Superbowl. The reference was to a Cheerios ad last year that drew a large number of racist comments on YouTube for featuring a family where the husband is black and the wife is white.

The original ad featured the couple’s daughter asking her mom about Cheerios and then pouring cereal on her sleeping dad’s chest because Cheerios are heart healthy. It’s a very cute ad, and the characters are endearing.

Unfortunately, the usual racist Internet trolls came out of their caves and led Cheerios to shut off the YouTube comments section. Naturally this all became fodder for MSNBC, the Huffington Post and all the liberal propagandists to press their claims about conservatives being racist.

The new ad features the same family, but this time the dad is using Cheerios to explain to the girl that she is going to have a new little brother soon. Mom looks on in surprised annoyance as the girl uses the occasion to wheedle a promise of a puppy out of dad. Again, it’s a very cute ad, and again MSNBC took the occasion to slam conservatives.

When I was growing up, we used to have a schoolyard saying, “Whoever smelt it dealt it.”

A big part of the reason racial tensions and racial crimes are higher in this country over the past few years is because of people like the folks at MSNBC who take every opportunity they can find to claim racism, point out people’s race and generally fan the flames.

The habit seems to be well spread throughout the Left and encouraged by the man in the White House. It’s practically the official White House line that any criticism of the president is racist.

Historically, the opposite is true. The Democratic Party has harbored this country’s most virulent racists, from slave owners to KKK members (Sen. Robert Byrd, anyone?). Check the list of the most prominent opponents of desegregation during the Civil Rights Era and you’ll find about a dozen Democrats to every one Republican.

The only reason blacks began voting for Democrats in the first place is because starting with FDR, the Democratic Party has promised programs and “stuff” for the poor, aimed mostly at getting the black vote. The Democrats have become very good at tailoring their language to give the impression that they are defenders of equal rights, when in fact most of their social programs have been very destructive to black families and helped keep blacks from bettering their situation.

Now, the Left loves to accuse the Right of the very sins liberals themselves are guilty of. Psychologists have a word for it. It’s called projection.

Racism is not solely predicted by political outlook, of course. There are racists on the Right as well.

But people on the Right tend to be very familiar with biblical principles, even if they aren’t believers per se, and in a biblical light racism is wrong, not to mention illogical.

The Left sees racism everywhere because they think that way. They themselves see the world in terms of skin color and judge people by it, just as they are judging conservatives by their perceived “whiteness” everytime they play the race card.

If the people at MSNBC and other liberals really want to find racism and root it out, a mirror would be a most useful tool.

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