There’s Something Happening Here

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware”

When Buffalo Springfield sang “Something’s Happening Here,” it was a different world. The great social conflict was between hippies protesting the Vietnam War and social conventions, and law enforcement trying to maintain order.

We seem to be in a similar time of social chaos again. While the issues hovering over the nation like a black cloud are different, the potential for violence is just as great, perhaps even higher.

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This time, it’s not a war being waged by the U.S. in a faraway land that’s at issue. This time, it’s the war being waged against the American people that is stirring up nationwide anger.

The man in the White House is at the center of all of it, though he and his flying monkeys consistently deny any responsibility for anything. (The New York Times even was so blatant as to call the border crisis a “myth,” then supported spending $3 billion to help Obama handle that “myth.”)

Our country is being invaded with the help of federal officials. Drug cartels are trucking Central America’s children to our border and then handing them off to a complicit Border Patrol, which processes them then hands them off to other federal agents who disperse them, along with their contagious diseases and criminal histories, into unsuspecting communities.

Where citizens have learned about this in time, they have resisted the federal authority, standing off against government agents and turning back busloads of illegal aliens in places like Murietta, California; Carroll County, Maryland; Oracle, Arizona; and Mississippi. Even in the president’s hometown of Chicago, protesters have loudly damned President Obama for wasting taxpayer money coddling illegal aliens and feeding already sky-high crime rates.

Even though most of the 60,000 invaders apprehended by the Border Patrol since October have been characterized as children, many of those “children” are hardened, teenage gang members with criminal records and aspirations to cause trouble. Like all such aliens processed by the federal government, they are being released in droves into unknowing communities around the nation.

While the Border Patrol is kept busy processing the Central Americans, drug cartels are running their schemes across the border unmolested. And it’s not just Latinos coming across, but people from enemy nations around the world. There is ample evidence — in the form of abandoned prayer rugs, Korans and even an Urdu-to-English dictionary — that legions of people from active terrorist nations have slipped into America while the Border Patrol was occupied with paperwork.

All of these invading foreigners are proceeding to locations around the country under the uncaring gaze of a government that electronically records the communications and activities of nearly all of its citizens through the NSA. Either the government has exaggerated its capabilities for tracking people — unlikely, since it only admitted having them after a whistleblower exposed the NSA spying program — or it’s exaggerated its interest in protecting the American public.

In military terms, the government — our own government — is treating these people like they are assets being positioned for strategic purposes.

This is a different world from the sixties. The hippies who protested the Vietnam War (and the fight against communism) are the same people now in charge in Washington, D.C. (Just ask John Kerry about Vietnam.)

Now, we’re under invasion by foreign powers, represented by the drug cartels, and the Obama Administration’s guns are pointing at the American people, not the invaders.

There’s something happening here, all right, and it stinks to high heaven.


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