Thieves Targeting Churches – A Sign of America’s Moral Decay

A few short decades ago, America was still a Christian nation. Certain things were considered sacred and hands off. Among those were churches and ministers of God’s Word which were portrayed with respect and honor. You didn’t see actresses in bras and panties or commercials for sexual enhancement products on prime time television, nor did you hear the crude language that permeates too many programs.

These days, too many television programs openly talk about sex, use crude language and display men and women wearing very inappropriate clothing and even no clothing. Men and authority figures are portrayed as stupid bumbling idiots. Pastors are also portrayed as corrupt sex craved thieves and anything Christian is portrayed in a negative and degrading fashion.

It’s not just on television, but in the movies, video games, music and public schools that we see a lack of respect for the things that once were sacred and honored. Teachers opening trash Christianity and mock the beliefs of Christian students. Statistics indicated that over 70% of kids from evangelical Christian homes walk away from the church by the time they graduate high school as a direct result of the agenda of the public school system.

With so many kids turning away from God and Christianity, their morals and values are replaced with disrespect for God, religion and other people. Kids grow up being taught that they are nothing but the products of godless evolution and that there are no moral absolutes. It’s survival of the fittest, meanest, baddest, strongest and most powerful. Life is nothing more than a dog-eat-dog world where you take everything you can without worry or concern for who you take it from or what the loss means to them.

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We see conmen constantly taking advantage of the elderly, stealing their life savings from them. Online crimes and thievery are skyrocketing. There is no doubt that America is in a moral decline and the attacks on churches are another indicator of just how far our society has fallen.

Over the past couple of years, there have been reports in the Cincinnati area of thieves stealing the air conditioning units from churches. They are after the copper tubing and wiring that they can sell for scrap metal. Most of the churches that have been hit are smaller ones who don’t have the resources to keep replacing stolen air conditioning units.

Now, thieves are breaking into churches, stealing what they can and destroying the rest. One older church in our area, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church was under renovation to restore the old sanctuary. Several weeks ago, someone(s) broke into the church and used the tools to smash windows and vandalize the church building. The church has a food pantry that they use to help feed the needy in the neighborhood, but the thief of thieves stole all of the food.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church isn’t the only one in the area to be broken into. Police say that have received a number of calls from churches in the area and it seems the problem is increasing.

When God and Christianity are mocked on television, movies, music and public schools, is there any wonder that a growing number of Americans have little to no respect for churches or pastors? It should also be no surprise that our disrespect for God and His Word results in Him withdrawing His blessings from our nation and turning us over to our sinful lusts and desires.

In our fallen culture, is there anything that is sacred anymore that deserves to be sacred? I fear not!

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