Thirteen Minutes That Could Kill Obama’s Re-Election Bid

There has been a great deal written on this website and others about how Barack Obama failed to keep his campaign promises from the last election and how he has lied to the nation during his presidency.


Obama repeatedly has promised anyone making less than $250,000 a year will not see an increase in any taxes they pay.

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Fact is Obamacare has around 20 different tax increases that will affect everyone, regardless of income.

Fast is Obamacare imposes a tax on anyone that does not have health insurance, regardless if they can afford it or not.  This tax is the largest tax increase in U.S. history.

Fact is that Obama promised that big business should pay their share of taxes before middle and lower class Americans but under his bailout, GM reported a record profit and paid no federal income tax.


Obama campaigned in 2008 on complete transparency of government.

Fact is that he has done more behind closed doors than any president in history.

Fact is that Obama’s administration censored nearly 200 pages of internal e-mail dealing with government transparency.

Fact is that Obama’s administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than in the previous 40 years.

Fact is that Obama received an award for transparency in a meeting that was closed to all media and not placed on his public calendar.

Rule of Law:

Obama announced in his presidential acceptance speech in Jan. 2009 that rule of law would be the touch tones of his presidency.

Fact is that he ordered the Justice Department to NOT enforce the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Fact is that Obama has willfully failed to enforce federal immigration law.

Fact is that Obama has intentionally failed to meet election qualification laws by hiding his birth and college records.

Fact is that Obama has repeatedly illegally bypassed Congress in declaring new laws and eliminating other laws.

The list of Obama’s lies and failures would fill dozens of pages but if there is any doubt in anyone’s mind of what the real Obama is like, I strongly urge them to take 13 minutes and watch the video below.  It you do, there should be no way possible that you would even consider voting for Obama in November.

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