This Country’s Not Big Enough for Obama and … 50 States?

At first it seemed like just a variation on the old “if so-and-so wins, I’m moving to Canada” routine that people, especially liberals, like to whip out during presidential election seasons.

By all accounts, a voter in Louisiana (home of Hurricane Katrina and the long, liberal-caused nightmare) asked the White House after the election if his state could secede from the U.S.

The online petition was posted on the White House’s We The People website the day after the election. Since then, petitions have been added for the other 49 states, and hundreds of thousands of people have signed.

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According to the website, any petition that reaches 25,000 signatures will be put in a queue for an official White House response. So far, at this writing, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas and Florida have passed that threshold, with Texas garnering 80,000 signatures by itself. In total, more than 670,000 people have petitioned to secede from the United States.

Naturally, liberals could not let this growing embarrassment to the Man Who Would Be King stand unchallenged, so they have posted two other petitions, one to strip citizenship from anyone who signs a petition to secede, and one calling for deportation of secession supporters.

Even the hard-left state of California has already gathered more than 11,000 signatures at this writing.

It shouldn’t be a shock that so many people would be willing to sign such petitions. Amid reports of widespread voter fraud, Obama and the Democrats were able to cram the liberal agenda down America’s throat for at least four more years, despite Obama getting 99 and 100 percent of the vote in scores of voting districts, and even one in which he reportedly received votes totaling 108 percent of the registered voters.

I personally suspect that Obama’s real support isn’t anywhere near half the electorate, much less enough to account for the vote totals he was handed. But since these things usually go uninvestigated by Congress, what choice is left but to try to secede?

It’s unlikely ever to be more than a pipe dream, but at the very least, it will cheese off the Left, which is always a hoot. Sign the petition for your state here.

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