This is why President Trump WON’T Pick a Liberal for the Supreme Court

Ever since Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, the liberal media has gone mad inventing things that a conservative-leaning Supreme Court will do. For example, CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Tobin wrote in the New Yorker:

It will overrule Roe v. Wade, allowing states to ban abortions and to criminally prosecute any physicians and nurses who perform them. It will allow shopkeepers, restaurateurs, and hotel owners to refuse service to gay customers on religious grounds. It will guarantee that fewer African-American and Latino students attend elite universities. It will approve laws designed to hinder voting rights. It will sanction execution by grotesque means. It will invoke the Second Amendment to prohibit states from engaging in gun control, including the regulation of machine guns and bump stocks.

Other liberal pundits have decided that the President will pick Judge Amy Barnett for the court., Her issue isn’t only that she is an “originalist,”(interpret the constitution as written)  but much worse is the fact that went to Notre Dame and is very Catholic. I guess they believe if Judge Barnett is placed on the Supreme Court, she will have a hotline to the Pope put in her office so the Pontiff can direct her every opinion.  But wait this Pope has indicated he believes in global warming, unfettered immigration, and redistribution of income–the liberals should want a very Catholic justice. If the president wants to calm down those critics, he should appoint another Jew to the court.  The only people who would object to a Jew would be Pat Buchanan, Louis Farrakhan, former President Obama, and the entire Congressional Black Caucus. Perhaps he should appoint me, after all, I am pro-choice (as long as the fetus gets a choice).

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The liberal media has gone overboard to invent bad things that will happen if President Trump nominates an “originalist,” to Supreme Court. But no one is warning the public what would happen if the President chooses a living Constitutionalist to the highest court in the land ( a living Constitutionalist is someone who believes the meaning of the constitution can change as often as one changes their britches).

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Fear not dear readers, I have created a list of ten bad things that will happen if President Trump appoints a living Constitutionalist to the Supreme Court.

1-The federal government will encourage Americans to kill cute puppies. Face it, the only thing cuter than a puppy is a cute baby. And the government already gives money to Planned Parenthood to kill babies.

2- Just like today, a store will not be allowed to refuse service based on their sexual preferences. BUT store owners will be forced to participate in life events that go against the tenets of their faith, like same-sex weddings, or Bar-Mitzvahs for non-Jews. Anyone who refuses to ignore their faith will be eligible for the death penalty.

3-The death penalty will be eliminated except when necessary. In cases where it’s deemed necessary, people will be re-classified as an “adult fetus” before they are killed, and their body parts will be sold to scientists by planned parenthood.

4-Because the liberal-leaning court will believe in equal results rather than equal opportunity they will rule that the only cars allowed to be sold in the United States are the Ford Pinto, AMC Gremlin, the Yugo, and the Chevy Nova (note DeLorean’s will be legal if it is traveling to the present day from the future).


Read the Rest of the list at the Lid…

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