I watched Rogue One again. One scene that caught my attention; it was when Jyn pleads with the Council to take the fight to the enemy. The question is not “what chance do we have,” she implores, the question is “what choice do we have?” We’re either going to drain the swamp or we’re all going to drown in it.

The original scene is longer and more impactful since it shows the reluctance of the Council to engage the battle. Here’s a short clip of her final appeal, and when the council does not listen, Jyn decides to go it alone. Others who understand the nature of the battle, later join her in what turns out to be a suicide mission that results in “A New Hope.”

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Never Trumpers are complaining about Trump’s demeanor, how he tweets, that he’s not acting presidential and thereby “’diminishing’ the office of the presidency.” Barack Obama acted presidential. Everyone said so. How did that work out for the nation?

George W. Bush acted “presidential” and got us in immoral and unconstitutional wars in Afganistan and Iraq that have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians, resulted in the near extinction of the Christian population in Iraq, and cost our economy trillions of dollars in spending and debt.

He also supported and signed the “No Child Left Behind Act” with Sen. Ted Kennedy looking on. He socialized medicine even more with his drug prescription program.

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