This Threatening America Redo

By Jim Bowman

Just how long will this Mueller charade occupy the headlines when its news value is missing? After the latest “just in” breaking news report was flashed across America, about the pre dawn raid on Roger Stone’s residence, just what terrible crime justified this a Gestapo like entry?

At some point, isn’t there a degree of media accountability involved here; especially so when professing such ‘holier than thou’ indignity to the charges of ‘fake news.’ Talk about hypocrisy!

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On the other side of the coin, hypocrisy turned the keys over to a darker player since the entire country, republican and democrat, all realize that the most dastardly collusion took place with the various players associated in and around the democrat’s 2016 campaign. How was this flagrant criminality ignored while the hype over Flynn, Manafort and now Stone reigns supreme?

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There is little reason to recount about the wiped clean server of Hillary’s or that her close associates, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills escaped charges while the partiality of Justice centered upon Flynn. The Daily Caller headline at the time, “Top Clinton Aides Face No Charges After Making False Statements” still can infuriate both sides of the aisle since who among us could expect, let alone receive such an obvious get out of jail free card?

So, given this Mills/Abedin pass, just how does one square this unrelenting prosecution of the similar charges that were stifled with the Mills/Abedin affair? And let us not forget how righteous the media acts when the eagerness of their coverage is front and center. Justification for these third world police tactics seems solely reliant upon the public’s agitated state which the media continues to stir.

This bias is both obvious to all and detrimental to America’s system of Justice. However, it is just one page in the book of anti-Americanism which seems to be flying of many book shelves today.

Ask yourselves, just how long can freedom ring if each succeeding generation is taught that America is evil? This one hundred eighty degree turn around from past teachings is as intentional and threatening as is a military invasion, of which is also occurring at the southern border, sans any military connotations.

The point being, just how does America continue with both this inability, or at least unwillingness, to enforce our national border while at the same time instructing our youngest citizens about our supposed brutal history, the rewards of globalism, inclusiveness, socialism, and gender questioning? The pattern is plain and the intent, while remaining masked, is unmistakable.

Current finger pointing should not settle upon the recent but travel back at least a half of century, even longer; back to the time when the irrelevant term ‘democracy’ was first uttered by the former Princeton president, Woodrow Wilson. Imagine this, from a duly elected President who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. Constitution aside, back then, Wilson’s dream envisioned a ‘world order,’ a globalism of sorts.

So with this, an unavoidable roadmap reveals a constant continuation towards Wilson’s menacing vision. Just as the obvious affront from the two differing application of justice, Clinton/Abedin/Mills verses Flynn/ Manafort/Stone confound and amaze, at some point all these missteps accumulate so that a normalcy begins to replace our disbelief. As this point nears, is it any wonder as to the irrelevancy of our Constitution, especially when its pages were written so long ago, in the age of horse and buggy?

Not so long ago, parents would caution their young to not be a follower, to question, to not ‘go along with the crowd.’ Not so today. This new aged “team player” mentality neuters curiosity and individuality. Again, another page in this anti-American manual; one which offers an opposite view from that America which was built by those who relied upon tough and ‘rugged individuality.’ Maybe this explains why our vast volume of Western movies, ala John Wayne, remains unavailable for our younger viewers. I mean, what teacher could dare argue with the Duke?

At best, Mueller’s investigation is a two fold sham; through its own biased conduct and in conjunction with his media brethrens who rally and rave over his non- results. Without such emotions, 2016 would have slipped into history as did Gore’s failed bid. The difference today may lie in the fact that Trump shocked when Woodrow Wilson’s dream was about to unfold.

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