Thugs Ambush Woman’s Home, She Opens Fire

I love a happy ending just as well as the next. When a person uses their gun to defend themselves to live another day, it is a happy ending for me.

One Oregon woman found herself the victim of an ambush, but she refused to remain a victim.

One night, she woke up to find that there was a woman outside of her house. The woman is yelling, claiming that she needed help because something had happened to her car. She claims that she is stuck. However, the resident never opens her door and the she leaves after a bit.

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Feeling particularly sympathetic for the woman, she opened the security door on he side and this is exactly what the thugs wants. At this point, she is ambushed by a man and he fights to force himself into her house.


However, she was fortunately strong enough to fight him off enough to get the door shut and locked. Then she went and got her gun.

It was reported that she only fired a single shot at the man to scare him off. However, she also shot a second round when she realized there was someone in the front yard as well.

As if that was not enough, a mere twi days later her home was attacked again. This time they broke into her garage and stole some of her jewelry. Police suspect it may have been the same people who attacked her the first time.

There has been one arrest made.

KOIN reports:

Officers from the Forensic Evidence Division (FED) responded and were able to locate a fingerprint and palm print from the side security door.

The prints came back to Antyone Valentino Ojerinola, according to court documents.

Officers from FED responded and located additional prints of Valentino, according to court documents.

In late June, Ojerinola was taken into custody but denied having any involvement with the burglaries.

Ojerinola is charged with attempted first-degree burglary, burglary, and aggravated theft.

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