“Till Death” Might not be Soon Enough

This newly wedded couple brought a whole new meaning to “Going out with a bang!”.

I’m not sure if the marriage will survive though, since the bride thought it would be a good idea to cash in on the insurance money early. It had hardly been a few hours since the union had been made official when the bride made an attempt on the life of her new husband.

Kate Elizabeth Prichard of Murfreesboro, Tennessee had been drinking with her husband outside of their motel room at the Clarion Inn when a disagreement began. It was then that Mrs. Prichard reached under her wedding dress and garnished a 9mm handgun that she had tucked away.

Upon reveal of the firearm she pointed the muzzle at her newly wedded husband’s head and pulled the trigger.

Lucky for him the weapon was not loaded. However,  Mrs. Prichard then loaded a round in the chamber and fired it into the air.

Miss Prichard while still in her wedding dress, did spend the night in the Rutherford County Jail for aggravated domestic assault. This time she did not get to sneak a 9mm in her garter though. She was later released on a $15,000 bond.

What happened to the husband?

The police informed him that his honeymoon would be cut short, and if he had half a brain he would run as far away from this crazy bride as possible. That is however unlikely considering he married her in the first place.

He did walk away unharmed physically though.

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