Time for Obama to do What He Does Best: Apologize

King Obama’s never been the model of veracity,  but lately he and his campaign have been sinking to new lows even for them.

While I’m not crazy about Mitt Romney, the GOP has apparently selected one of the cleaner candidates to run for president in a long time.

You can tell because Obama and his camp have been reduced to making up stories about Romney’s time running Bain Capital to try and gain traction for Obama’s re-election.

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It’s a sure bet that Obama has had fact checkers, dirt finders and mud wallowers crawling through Romney’s trash since the moment he declared he was running for the Oval Office.

If Obama was facing any other candidate, by now we would have heard all about his opponent’s illegal immigrant maid, whom he knocked up during a wild night at some cross-dressing swinger’s party.

But the best the Obamanoids have been able to come up with is a lie about Romney continuing to run operations at Bain after he left to run the Olympics in 1999, all based on a deliberately mistaken reading of SEC records that list Romney as having a controlling shareholder’s interest in Bain until the sale of the company in 2002.

With a revenge-hungry Boston Globe as an accomplice in promoting the misleading story, Obama’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter accused Romney of being a felon or a liar for telling the SEC, correctly, that he was no longer calling the shots at Bain after 1999. The Globe even ran stories at the time complaining about Romney’s leaving Bain.

Romney, being far more polite than Obama deserves, labeled the accusations “reckless and absurd,” and demanded an apology from the king.

Good luck with that.

The lies about Romney’s connection to Bain have been so scurrilous that even CNN’s newly openly gay Anderson Cooper, interviewing John King and David Gergen, reported that the picture Obama’s painting of Romney isn’t true.

Even FactCheck.org, which is normally a Left wing echo chamber, said Obama’s stretching the truth. The speculation is that by straining the historical time line, Obama hopes to link Romney to Bain Capital’s later investment in a company that disposed of aborted babies, and use that smear to turn off conservative voters just before the election.

So being caught in a slanderous lie isn’t going to slow down Obama’s flunkies, who are now running around on his behalf demanding that Romney release more tax records.

You read that right. The president from Kenya, who has sealed, concealed or fabricated all of his own records and runs an administration that operates entirely outside of public scrutiny through unelected “czars” and “executive privilege” actually has the gall to accuse Romney of not being forthcoming.

That’s some cajones, friends.

Even some of Obama’s allies are getting squeamish about this campaign.

If he’s smart, King Obama will start apologizing. He’s so good at apologizing to tyrants for America that you’d think it should be easy for him.

I predict, however, that he won’t do it, because instead of villifying his country and the presidents before him, Obama would have to actually humble himself and admit wrongdoing to make this apology. I doubt if he could bend that far.

It’s unlikely that this episode will scathe the king’s most fervent true believers, but he may feel the sting when — as Jeremiah Wright might say — the chickens come home to roost.

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