It’s Time to Send US Troops into Mexico to Free Wrongfully Imprisoned US Marine

On March 31, US Marine Reservist Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was driving to a friend’s house in the San Diego area where he was going to stay while getting treatment for PTSD. He wasn’t familiar with the area or the streets and ended up driving right past his exit. With all of his possessions in his car, he found himself crossing into Mexico with no easy way to turn around.

Before he could find a place to turn back to the US, Mexican police stopped him and searched his car. Among his personal possessions, were his three legally purchased guns and ammunition. Tahmooressi was arrested and charged with three firearms crimes and then jailed in a Mexican prison.

Not long after his arrest, Andrew’s mother, Jill Tahmooressi told the local media:

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“He called me one night and he said in a panicked voice, he said, ‘Mom I’m not going to make it through the night. There’s hit men in here, they have told me they are going to kill me. They’re going to rape and then torture and murder me and they’re going to send me out in a body bag’.”

You would think that after trading five important Taliban terrorists for Army deserter Bergdahl that Barack Obama would take immediate action to free Tahmooressi from his wrongful imprisonment, but he hasn’t. In fact, the White House has been silent on the case and has done their best to pretend Tahmooressi doesn’t even exist.

On Wednesday, Jill Tahmooressi testified before the House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. She told testified:

2014 – April 5: “Mom. I am not going to make it through the night. There are hit men in the cell with me and they told me they are going to kill me. Whatever you do, do not come down to ask questions or investigate because they are going to kill you, too. Change your bank accounts and go underground. Your life is in danger.”

2014 – April 14: “Mom. I tried to kill myself because the guards and the inmates were going to rape, torture and eventually execute me for information.”

2014 – May 1: “Mom. I have been chained by 4 points, strapped spread eagle to the bed in the infirmary for 25 days.”

In addition to Jill Tahmooressi, others testifying before the House committee on behalf of Andrew were Lieutenant Commander Montel B. Williams, USN, Retired; Sergeant Robert Buchanan, USMC, Purple Heart Recipient, Retired; and Chief Executive Officer for Concerned Veterans for America Mr. Pete Hegseth.

Sgt. Buchanan told the committee:

“He was truly one of the best junior marines and machine gunners I’ve ever served with. This was a Marine who received a combat meritorious promotion. This alone speaks volumes to what kind of individual Andrew is, and contests to his character. To be promoted meritoriously in combat is truly an honor amongst Marines and is not given lightly.

“On Andrew’s last deployment he saved the life of a fellow marine by securing tourniquets on him after he stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) causing him to lose both of his legs. It’s in these moments that a man’s true character is tested.”

Rep Ed Royce, (R-CA), Chairman of the subcommittee told the rest of the congressmen on the panel:

“The San Diego Veterans Affairs hospital diagnosed Andrew with combat PTSD less than ten days prior to his arrest at the Mexican border. Andrew’s PTSD has resulted in hyper-vigilance, memory and cognition lapses, and depression.”

Royce and Subcommittee Chairman Matt Salmon (R-CA) have visited Tahmooressi at the La Mesa Penitentiary to encourage him and let him know that they are trying to work on getting him released.

Rep Ted Poe (R-TX) introduced House Resolution 620 which calls of the immediate release of Sgt Tahmooressi by the Mexican government so he can be returned to the US for medical treatment of his PTSD.

Rep Tom Marino (R-PA) has written a letter to the Mexican Ambassador to the US in which he questions the relationship and international partnership between Mexico and the US, but has yet receive a response. During the subcommittee hearing, Marion told Jill Tahmooressi:

“You, your son, and veterans deserve more, have a right to more, and we need to see that that is accomplished. I apologize for how inappropriately you have been treated, and I apologize for the inappropriate level of concern by the White House…I’m disappointed that you have to be here today, ma’am. And I’m disappointed that vets have not received the appropriate care that they should be receiving in this country.”

Adding to the outrage of the way Tahmooressi and other veterans are being treated and ignored by the Obama government, Lt. Cdr. Williams stated:

“No ifs, ands, or buts, our veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan often feel absolutely abandoned by our government, and I believe they have a reason to feel so…We know for a fact that Sgt. Tahmooressi’s time in this prison has been worse than his time in both combat situations…How dare we, how dare we, as a nation, hesitate to get that young man back.”

There are two things I want to point out. One I’ve already mentioned is that the Obama administration has done nothing on behalf of Sgt. Tahmooressi. Secondly is that all of the congressmen that are working to get Andrew’s release are all Republicans. It seems that not only has Obama, who is the most worthless Commander-in-Chief this country has ever had, but it seems every other Democrat has also chosen to remain silent. These liberals don’t care if an honored veteran is tortured, raped, beaten and possibly murdered in a Mexican prison for simply missing his exit on an unfamiliar highway.

If it were up to me, I would either send in Navy SEAL Team 6 or a whole division of Marine troops to rescue Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi and bring him home to the United States. After all, the Mexican Army has repeatedly crossed into the US and even fired at US citizens on American soil. It’s time we show them this is not going to be tolerated and that we do take care of our own.

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