Time to Start Paying for Our ‘Free’ Obamacare

One thing I’ve noticed is that “I told you so” is rarely as satisfying as it should be.

Probably that’s because it usually comes about because of the fruition of a dire prediction about the results of yet another dumb government program or maneuver.

In this case, labor prices, and hence the prices of everything else, are going up because of Obamacare.

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Papa John’s CEO said in a conference call that pizza prices have to rise to cover Obamacare mandates.

Cook Medical, a medical devices maker, is cancelling plans to build five new plants — with their jobs — so that it can pay for new taxes related to Obamacare.

Eighty-three percent of doctors are thinking about leaving the medical profession because of added costs, decreased earnings potential and vastly increased red tape related to Obamacare.

In summary, every business that requires labor, every product that is in any way made by human hands, every food item that gets loaded on a truck and shipped, every service you may require — all of them are going to be more expensive for everybody.

Individual increases may not seem like much — estimated 14 cents more per pizza at Papa John’s, for instance — but they will add up, and you will find yourself much poorer at the end of the month, all for government health care that won’t be as good, as timely or as efficient as what you and the rest of us used to have.

So I’m sorry to say to liberals today, I told you so.

Also, let me point out, just about every conservative or Libertarian in the country told you so.

Actually when you think about it, a first-grader with an understanding of addition and subtraction could have told you so. …

In fact, you know what, liberal America? I’m through being polite here.

My mother’s shih-tzu Mitzy, who although lovable was just about the dumbest creature ever to walk the Earth, probably could have told you with a resounding “yip” that you would pay through the nose for Obamacare, if you had just taken one moment to stop polishing King Obama’s shoes and ask her.

Did you really not see the train rolling down the tracks you’re standing on?

Were the flashing lights and blaring horns not a big enough clue?

Did the fact that everything was negotiated in secret not tell you something?

Or that key portions of the bill had to be “deemed” to pass under the Slaughter Rule because nobody wanted to vote for it?

Or how about when Nancy Pelosi said they had to vote on the thing before they could know what was in it?

Or did the fact that the chief justice of the United States had to rewrite the law to make it constitutional not tip you off that you supported a BAD THING?

And now you want to re-elect Obama. …

What the heck is wrong with you people?

We on the Right are working hard to make sure that, despite your precious little selves, everyone including people on the Left are spared the tragedy of a second Obama term.

If somehow King Obama manages to steal or win the election, then you’ll just have to accept that you’re finally going to get what you’ve been asking for, and you won’t like it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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