To Die For? Woman Possibly Faked Own Death to Get LuLaRoe Dress

Apparently LuLaRoe is to die for….or to fake die for, anyway.

A woman, who we only know as Jennifer, was messaging a consultant for LuLaRoe in a Facebook group about a dress she really wanted. It was the “Amelia” styled dress.

The dress is simple but cute. It has a cinched waist and (every girl’s dream) pockets!

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Jennifer wanted to ensure that she would get the dress from the seller in her size before it was sold, and this is where things got kind of weird.

The conversation with the seller started on a strange note – Jennifer claimed her mother had suffered a stroke. The seller told Jennifer not to “worry about that” and that she was “praying for [her] mom.” Jennifer responded that she just “didn’t want [the seller] to sell it to someone else,” because she “love[d] it.”

The text exchange, which the seller uploaded screenshots of, ended there … until three hours later, when the seller got a message that she said “shook me to my core.”

The text that came from “Jennifer’s” account read as follows: “I am going through my wife’s phone,” it continued,  “She was on the way to [redacted] this morning and was hit head on by a person texting and did not make it. This is her husband. How do I pay this bill? I know how much she wanted this and I am going to have her buried in it.”

Uh, what?

The seller was skeptical, and re-posted the strange message in a LuLaRoe Facebook group. Others in the group were similarly dubious about the claim.

“You don’t think he would have more important things to do like being at the hospital, etc with the remains, instead of buying Lula?” one said.

“I’ll bet it’s not true. Wouldn’t you think she would have taken her phone with her?? He was texting from her phone … I don’t believe that!” wrote another.

In order to test whether or not the message was legitimate, the seller reached out to Jennifer and said, “Hey girl! You’re the winner of a free Lula item in my group! Congratulations!”

Soon after, the seller received a response from Jennifer saying, “Omg I never win anything! What style can I choose from? I live in [redacted] so can you send it to me?”

So Jennifer is in fact, alive. However, when confronted about the messages, she says that she must have been hacked because her  husband was at work and she hadn’t “even been around [her] phone.”


Then, after about an hour, Jennifer then claimed she has “been in touch with the police” and that they found out her account had been hacked.

Interesting that the police would so quickly figure out that her account to buy clothes had been hacked…huh?

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