Today’s Liberals Have Shut Down Free Speech JUST Like the Slaveholding South — But Worse

America generally has a great tradition of political debate. But today’s leftists have wholly destroyed that American tradition and created a state of fascist thought control. Indeed, liberals have followed the very same path as the slaveholding south in this respect. Sadly, today’s liberals are even worse than the pre-Civil War slave powers ever were.

The U.S.A. was founded on an incredibly high-minded series of debates that took years to wind through the 13 colonies. The founders pursued ideals of freedom, liberty, and God-given rights that few other nations ever took heart to debate. There was much back and forth from a “Farmer in Virginia” to “Publius in Philadelphia.” There were federalists and anti-federalists, and constitutionalists and “internal improvers,” who fought great rhetorical battles.

After all, along with freedom of religion, the idea of free political speech was America’s founding principle. The founders understood that political debate must be free and unfettered. They came from — or were descended from — a people whose political debate was quashed by the monarchy. And, as more people arrived from places like Ireland, Italy, and Germany, they, too, understood the genius of America’s system wrapped up in the idea of free political speech. Free speech was the air that gave Americans life.

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So, for many decades after the founding, America’s political debates were lively, intelligent, and literate. That is until the slave powers began fostering “gag rules” to stymie abolitionists from launching debates over the nation’s “peculiar institution.”

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In the 1830s, America’s tradition of high-minded, and free-wheeling political debate came to a screeching halt, at least where it concerned slavery. The slave powers were able to create rules in Congress that prevented debate over the issue of slavery. It became an untouchable topic.

Worse, the slave powers did not stop with their quashing of free political speech just in Washington. The southern states soon began to take control of the U.S. Mails and started illegally preventing northern abolitionists from sending Bibles, newspapers, and abolitionist tracts through the mails. In this way the slavemasters prevented their own people from being exposed to any alternative ideas.

Does this sound familiar to you? Today liberals are doing that exact same thing. Granted, they aren’t putting a halt to a single topic like the slave powers did with slavery. No, today liberals are shutting down every attempt from their opponents to be heard at all in the public square.

Liberals are shutting conservatives out of education, the courts, Congress, and even what is the equivalent to that forum of the 1830s, today’s “U.S. Mails,” the open and free Internet. Liberals are working in concert to destroy American free speech. Not with acts of law, but with coordinated acts by big tech, a private sector they have thoroughly co-opted.

In this way, liberals are worse than the slave powers of the 1830s. Indeed, they have become nearly as proficient at modern-day book burning as any group of Brownshirts that ever gathered anywhere in history.

If you are liberal today, and you are pleased with the way your fellows have put an end to America’s first principles of free speech, then you have become post-American. It really is just that simple.

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