Tomi Lahren: ‘Hollywood is Anti-Trump, Not Pro-Woman’

Hollywood is one hundred percent anti-Trump. You can see it through film, music, award shows, and what celebrities have to say.

Hollywood is also not pro-woman. As you have noticed in the news as of late, rapists and pedophiles are being exposed left and right.

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren touched on both topics on her latest “Final Thoughts” on Fox News.

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On the topic of Harvey Weinstein, she says she’s not quite done with him yet. Tomi said, “More than two dozen women claim sexual harassment or assault and three say he raped them.  So why did it take Hillary Clinton five days to make a statement?  And why hasn’t she given his money back?  Well, she’s now saying there’s no one to give it back to, so she’ll donate it to charity.  It took you long enough.”

She continued, “And what about the Obamas? Michelle, you’ve been pretty vocal about your disdain for powerful white men lately but not so vocal about Weinstein. Is it because he’s a Democrat? A donor? An ally of your husband? Hired your daughter for an internship last February?”

There’s no secret that Weinstein had serious connections. Anyone who wanted to be someone knew that they had to stay on Weinstein’s good side. This is what kept so many quiet for so long.

Tomi said, “Weinstein – using his ties to the wealthy Hollywood and New York elite – gave or helped raise more than $75,000 for Barack Obama and the Clintons since at least 1995. Yeah, in total, Weinstein gave or helped raise – or “bundle” – $1.5 million for Democratic candidates over that time.”

She also spoke about how Clinton and his victims. “Actresses coming out decades after the fact are now deemed “brave.” Brave? But what about Bill Clinton’s accusers? Broaddrick, Willey, Jones. Aren’t they brave too?” She asked, and then quickly answered, “Maybe we should ask Hillary.”

Tomi angrily told those in Hollywood, “So don’t you dare lecture us on feminism, women’s issues, or female empowerment or tell us we voted against our voice when we voted for Donald Trump.”

She added, “Obviously millions of women disagree Mrs. Obama, which is why Donald Trump is in the White House and Hillary Clinton is peddling books at Costco. Donald Trump speaks for me and millions of other conservative women who haven’t had a voice in years.

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