Tomi Lahren: ‘How Many More Americans Have to Die?’

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren is speaking out about the politically correct garbage that our country is guided by. We bow to social justice warriors and potential terrorists because we do not want to be insensitive.

Then the potential terrorist kills people and we are only left to say, “Too bad we couldn’t stop it.”


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Tomi Lahren gave us a fiery message during her show “Final Thoughts.” She said, “We’ve got radical Islamic terrorists ready, willing, and honored to kill us on planes, trains and automobiles with knifes, guns, explosives and trucks.” She continued, And we’ve got federal judges, top Democrats, and bleeding heart kumbaya liberals placing Islamic sensitivity, diversity options, and political correctness over reality, American lives, and national security.”

She said that investigators and counter-terrorism experts will attempt to justify Sayfullo Saipov, who ran into people and killed them with his car in New York City. They will debate on his innocence.

However, he literally shouted “Allahu akbar” as he jumped out of the vehicle. How could they possibly justify that?

She asked, “Better question is: why the heck was he here in the first place?”

Tomi continued, “He wasn’t airlifted in by ISIS, we let him in the front door – we rolled out the red carpet for him just like we did the 9/11 hijackers. And whose fault is that? Whose policies make that the standard? Well, take a wild guess.”

Saipov reportedly came into America from Uzbekistan about seven years ago via the Diversity Visa Program. He was given his green hard by Obama’s Department of Homeland Security.

He wasn’t the only one though. There were 1.8 MILLION immigrants issued a green card. Most of those people were from Muslim countries

Lahren said, “It’s called “civilization jihad” and it’s not just coming, it’s here. It’s not Islamophobic to point out the radical problem within Islam.”

She slammed, “It’s reality, it’s right in front of our faces, and it’s not going anywhere so either we learn to confront it, name it and keep it the hell out or we sit back, bite our tongues, twiddle our thumbs, hold hands and pretend the evil doesn’t exist. Its our choice. What’s it gonna be, America?

“We tried the blind-eye politically correct BS for 8 years and look where it’s gotten us,” she stated.

So wake up America. When will we give up the PC trash?

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