Tomi Lahren Speaks Out on Stopping School Shootings

On Thursday, Fox News contributor (formerly of the Blaze and of One America News Network) Tomi Lahren appeared at CPAC to discuss how America can move forward with the schism over gun rights and mass shootings.

One solution that Lahren’s Fox News colleague, Sean Hannity, has proposed is to post armed guards at every public school in America. Something that liberals seem loathe to consider, even though it’s a completely reasonable plan.

Here’s what Lahren had to say about it:

Anytime of tragedy it’s go with emotion, as it should be. I think we all should be very honest with ourselves. This is a tragic time and we need to let the victims grieve and let the families grieve, we need to let them speak. 

I think everybody here because we’re First Amendment advocates believe that everybody on either side of the issue has the right to speak about these issues and we can come to some kind of consensus. But I do think that we also need to tackle the cultural problems at play. It’s not just a gun problem, and we should be able to have that conversation

Here’s the thing…

Posting armed guards at every school is simply the most reasonable and simple solution that we can start with, if we really want to take care of this issue.

Businesses across the country do this everyday, posting armed guards at building entrances, banks, corporate lobbies, liquor stores, apartment buildings, even the little office building on the NBC sitcom the Office had a guard posted in the lobby.

This could even be something that doesn’t just benefit our school (and our children/families) but can also benefit our Veterans. If we start a program to employ returning, and jobless, veterans in our schools as armed guards… we have a new way to care for both our kids and the Veterans who have already given us so much.

You can read more about this effort – here.

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