Too Many Political Debates?

The next presidential election is still 11 months away and there have already been 15 debates or forums, which is more than in any other election ever.  Worse yet is that there are still 15 more debates/forums scheduled between now and March 19, 2012.

Are all of these debates/forums necessary or productive?

I, for one believe that there are way too many debates.  Some of the debates have been scheduled within 2-3 days of each other.  There generally isn’t that much happening in a 2-3 day period to warrant a new debate.  Let the dust settle from the first one and watch what goes on in the nation and world until the next debate.

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I’m not the only one that think’s there are too many debates, so does Sen John McCain.  He said that there are plenty of other important aspects to campaigning and reaching the public than holding so many debates.

McCain also added that if they are going to continue with the rest of the scheduled debates that they need to keep the issue of illegal immigration and securing the borders as one of those topics discussed.  He added that many Hispanics also want the borders secured to stop the flow of illegal drugs if for no other reason.

I have to wonder if the ability to debate in such a public arena really demonstrates one’s ability to lead a nation.  Debating and public speaking are important, but it does not necessarily mean that the person is a good leader.  Sometimes, the more quiet and reserved politician turns out to have some of the better ideas.  They take time to listen to the public and study the state of the nation rather than blowing wind while trying to sound good.

After all, Adolf Hitler was an excellent debater and orator, but not necessarily a leader that led for the good of his nation.  He was the type of person that could sell ice cubes to Eskimos, but his nation didn’t need ice cubes.

I would prefer to see perhaps one debate every couple of months or so.  This would give the candidates time to react to what’s happening in the nation and world.  It also wouldn’t over saturate the public with unending debates one after another after another in just a matter of days.

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