Too Many Special Snowflakes

The Left has always seemed to live in a world of its own, one far removed from this reality. It’s a world where abortion is “family planning,” socialism is “supporting the middle class,” Islam is the Religion of Peace and men want to have sex with men.

And Planet Left is only getting farther away.

By now, everyone knows about transgenderism thanks to Bruce Jenner, who now goes by his hooker name Caitlyn. (And no, I don’t buy that he’s “conservative.”) There have been lots of other confused souls who have thought they were “in the wrong body” and have sought to have parts added or subtracted while updating their wardrobe.

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That’s just on the boarding ramp for the spaceship going to Planet Left.

We also now have to consider the feelings of transracial people, mostly white liberals with such huge loads of racial guilt that they pretend to be a different race. (It works the other way too, but we just don’t talk about that.) Pioneers in this area are folks like Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King and Elizabeth Warren, who has been mentioned as a future presidential candidate. I’m sure that must be encouraging to little bullied transracial kids to see that someone of their own pretend race can run for president some day.

That’s not to be confused with transethnicity, which refers to being of a different cultural group than the one you’re born into, like when Hillary Clinton starts talking like a Southern sharecropper. Seriously, there was a woman on Imgur or one of those social websites who decided she was Japanese despite being neither Asian nor a resident of Japan. She was very convincing, even knew how to pronounce “Gojira” instead of “Godzilla.”


In getting back to the transgender-related idea of having body parts lopped off, there are the transabled — physically healthy people who feel that they were meant to be handicapped. Some of these people have gone so far as to break or even cut off their own limbs to satisfy their obsession. A woman named Jewel Shuping was in the news a couple of months ago because she blinded herself. For years, Shuping apparently dreamed of being blind, and so she finally enlisted the help of a sympathetic psychologist to pour drain cleaner in her eyes. Nice to know the transabled are no longer discriminated against by having access to misguided therapy designed to fix their mental illness and deter them from embracing their own truth.

I too have had fantasies about being blind. But in my fantasies my blindness is compensated by my other super-enhanced senses and radar vision. Oh, and I jump from rooftop to rooftop in order to fight crime when I’m not a lawyer representing the needy.


Hold on. It gets weirder as we buckle ourselves into the spaceship passenger seats.

There’s also now transageism, when people believe they are living at the wrong age. This is not your run-of-the-mill “15th anniversary of my 21st birthday” types. No, these are people who genuinely believe their age is other than it is. Case in point: Paul Wolscht, a 52-year-old Toronto man who was married and has seven kids who are sure to need therapy — real therapy, not the kind Jewel Shuping got. Well, now Paul is going around as a 6-year-old girl named Stefonknee. (That’s somehow pronounced “Stephanie,” not “ste-FONK-nee.”) Ah, but this story gets even more precocious. Wolscht has managed to get himself “adopted” by two doting (or doddering) friends who let him live with them and play with their grandchildren.

Um. …


Yeah. …

Now brace yourself for the next leap in human evolution — presenting the “Otherkin.” This is a broad category embracing anyone who feels that they are “nonhuman.” One “breed” in this category is so-called teen werewolves.

Yes, they are teens who believe themselves to be wolves. They gather in packs. Some of them have tails. Some of them bark.

But there are even more interesting otherkin out there, such as the draconics, people who believe they are dragons. The operator of one website dedicated to the draconic community uses a handle that includes a capital S at the end of his name. He says that’s because dragon language cannot be confined by 26 letters, so capitals represent different sounds. In this case, capital S is pronounced “sss.”

Draconic apparently has nothing on Celtic. Seriously, how do you get “shee” out of “sidhe”? And yes, sidhe is another type of otherkin.

(I wonder if any of the he sidhe are actually transgender she sidhe? And if they know how to accessorize would they then be chichi she sidhe?)

I guess in a world where a man without a birth certificate and with a Social Security number from another person can be qualified to be president, anything can happen.

A few decades ago, all these people would be getting the psychiatric help they need. Now, we’re all supposed to be supportive of the diversity of the special snowflakes.

The Left should just launch the rocket already and leave us inhabitants of Earth in peace.

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