Top Five Things Wrong with Today’s Republican Party

This is my unofficial list of why the Republicans stink today. It is my own official list so that must count for something. It is in no particular order and is for adults only which I feel is appropriate since voting age is 18. My list isn’t inclusive of all Republicans, but to be honest, the Republican party has some serious issues that need to be dealt with and fixed. I want to see some of that ‘God and Country’ I hear about and in that order.

1. They have no balls. And by that I mean they have no testosterone in their testicles. You might as well say they’ve been lopped off and the Democrats are using them for political ping pong. Get some cojones and take a stand. We need more Republican men and women like Chris Christie, Scott Walker, and Rick Perry (This list isn’t exhaustive). They aren’t perfect, but they are on the right track in most areas. And yes, I did mean to include women in this item. There really is no better way to say you need more backbone and determination than “grow a pair.”

2. They don’t represent anyone but their own interests. They care more about their ‘job’ in D.C. than they do about being a public servant. I’d like to see some of the rich Congressmen and women refuse their salaries. Be an example to the rest of us. Think of it as a bit of philanthropy.

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3. They don’t know how to raise money. I mean, come on, the internet has been in full force across America for more than ten years and it’s mostly like watching my grandma use WebTV. Let’s get past the Geocities mentality and start creating a fundraising machine. Get some fresh blood in the ranks of political fundraising.

4. They won’t admit we have a Muslim problem. I’m tired of hearing about “Muslim Extremists” like it is different from Islam. Muslims want to destroy the world and force Islam on everyone. “moderate” Muslims aren’t Muslims. The Koran leaves no room for those types. Place the blame squarely where it lays. We have a Muslim problem, and they just so happen to use terrorist tactics. If “moderate” Muslims object, then take a public stand against the radicals.

5. They aren’t examples of good Christian men. You really don’t hear about family issues with Republican women, but that is most likely due to them being a small part of American politics in relation to men. Republican citizens expect upstanding representatives who portray a morally superior example in the public sphere. We expect sexual diddling on the side by Democrats because they don’t often talk about morality unless it means spending someone else’s money. They believe that’s moral. When Americans expect their leaders to be believers in God, we mean it. Saying it doesn’t make it so. We know you by your fruit (Matt. 7:16).

As I like to do with any list, please let us know what you can’t stand about Republicans today in the comments section. And please pass this list around along with a link back to the original article!

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