Town Honors Teen Thug Michael Brown With Permanent Plaque

It’s bad enough that television, movies, music and video games glorify criminals, villains and thugs, but when a city announces they are going to place a permanent plaque to honor a teenage thug, it’s a clear sign of just how far our society has fallen.

Michael Brown was nothing more than a criminal thug who died because of his own lawless actions and stupidity. He stole from a convenience store and viciously shoved a clerk out of his way as he made his escape. Don’t forget that Brown was a huge kid, nearly as big as a NFL lineman.

When Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson saw Brown, fitting the description just broadcast over the police radio, Brown physically attacked Wilson as he attempted to get out of his patrol car. Brown hit Wilson in the face so hard that it fractured his eye socket and Brown kept on with his assault. Wilson kept ordering Brown to back off, but the big thug refused to comply. Fearing for his life, Wilson pulled his gun, but Brown tried to grab it out of his hand, so Wilson shot the thug in the hand and then in the head, killing him.

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Michael Brown was solely to blame for what happened and his own death. He chose to rob the store. He chose to disobey a police officer. He chose to physically attack and injure a police officer.

We teach our children that actions have consequences and evidently Brown’s parents’ failed to teach their son this valuable lesson. Their son’s actions led to his death. Their son’s actions sparked nationwide riots that resulted in the destruction of businesses, cars and property in Ferguson and elsewhere.

Blacks in Ferguson and the nation refused to believe that Brown was the criminal, despite overwhelming evidence. They are still shouting that ‘black lives matter’ and some have even advocated violence against police officers everywhere. Two police officers were shot and killed in New York as a result of the blind loyalty to a criminal thug.

In Ferguson, a temporary shrine was erected for Michael Brown by the black community. They are treating him like a fallen war hero even though he was nothing more than a punk bullying thug.

Now to add insult to injury, the city of Ferguson has announced that they are replacing the temporary shrine for Michael Brown with a permanent plaque at the spot where Michael Brown died.

The Ferguson leaders have chosen to permanently honor a criminal while Police Officer Darren Wilson’s life and career has been shattered and ruined for doing his duty and protecting his own life.

Racism and hatred is now prevailing over law and order. Such is the sad state of America today.

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