Traitor McCain is Cool with NFL Disrespecting the Flag….No Surprise There

John “Songbird” McCain was a traitor, is a traitor, and always will be a traitor.

Not only did he sing like a canary when he was captured in the military, but he also screwed over all the American people by voting “no” on Obamacare repeal (after saying he supported getting rid of it), and now he is saying that he is okay with NFL players disrespecting the flag.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. The traitor doesn’t care, because to do that, you’d first have to care about our country. I don’t believe McCain cares about the American people in the slightest notion.

In fact, I would not be surprised if McCain came out as a Democrat. He has higher ratings among them than Republicans anyway.

100 Percent Fed Up reports:

McCain’s latest embarrassing interview happened today when TMZ caught up with him to ask him his thoughts on the NFL players taking a knee in a show of disrespect for our flag, as a way to support the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement.  Instead of standing up our flag, or for his fellow veterans and the country he once fought so valiantly for, McCain took the cowardly way out and made a statement supporting the NFL player’s right to disrespect our flag. Not surprisingly, McCain’s remarks stood in contrast to strong admonition President Trump had for the disrespectful athletes in the NFL.

Here is the clip:

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