Transgenders in this Man’s Army Becoming a Global Joke

Hold on, I’ve got a good one. What do you get when Joycelyn Elders, Barack Obama and a cross-dressing billionaire walk into a bar to discuss the U.S. Marines?

The few. The proud. Dudes in skirts.

That’s right, we’re moving into the next treasonous phase of the left’s San Francisco-style sabotage of the world’s once-greatest military. In a few short years, “don’t ask, don’t tell” has become “do tell, do flaunt.”

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TPNN’s Greg Campbell reported on a recent example: “While Russia invades Ukraine, as Islamic terrorist factions plot the West’s destruction, our service members at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan, are being treated to a ‘gay’ and lesbian drag show.”

Watch the video. It speaks for itself. Under this Obama-nation, these guys, er, gals, er, whatever, represent, at least in part, what our enemies will face on the front lines.


And by scary, I mean for us, not for them.

Still, as the perversity-pushers like to say, “It gets better.” The implosion continues. WND reports, “A controversial ex-surgeon general, fired by President Bill Clinton after recommending children be taught how to masturbate (Joycelyn Elders), now has released a report advocating the incorporation of transgendered people into the U.S. military, and contending that a 40 percent attempted suicide rate and 43 percent burden of ‘additional psychiatric diagnoses’ constitute no reason to exclude them from America’s armed forces.”

Lovely. Yet another outcome-predetermined “study” – like those Obama used to homosexualize the military a few years back – designed to grease the skids for more radical social engineering in the ranks of the armed forces.

How’d that turn out? Since that time the military has seen a rapid 33 percent spike in military sexual assault, with a majority being male-on-male homosexual assaults.

As FRC’s Tony Perkins noted last year, “President Obama is finally admitting that sexual assault is a serious problem in the military – but what he hasn’t conceded is that his policy on homosexuality helped create it. According to a new Pentagon survey, most of the victims were not female (12,000 incidents), but male (14,000) – highlighting a growing trend of same-sex assault in our ranks.”

Hate to say we told you so.

No wonder Putin and other tyrants abroad no longer fear America. We’ve got Blustering Barry and a bunch of pansy-bummed “progressives” in charge of our national defense. These social Marxists are hell-bent on gutting the military from within.

Coming “out”? That’s for sure. Out with integrity, honor and strength – in with perversion, shame and weakness.

I served 12 years in the armed forces and can’t decide where my heartbreak begins and my disgust ends. I know the vast majority of military personnel – active and retired alike – are both grieving and hurling right along with me.

Between Obama’s suicidal defense cuts, the purging of the most qualified high-ranking military officials, the targeting of Christian service members for harassment and systemic intimidation, and the godless LGBT-ifying of every facet of American life – it’s little wonder that America is swirling clockwise down the toilet bowl of international esteem.

WND continues:

“The report comes from the Palm Center at San Francisco State University, a sex issues-oriented think tank, and concludes that as people understand more now today about sexual deviation, there ‘is no compelling medical reason’ for the U.S. military to bar transgenders.

“The study also suggests Barack Obama could bypass Congress and order the change himself. …

“The report said the think tank is funded in part by a $1.3 million grant from Jennifer Pritzker, a billionaire former Army lieutenant colonel who came out as transgender. …”

The report further suggests that “Taxpayers should provide ‘cross-sex hormone treatment,’ ‘medically necessary gender-confirming surgery’ and ‘continuity of care.’”

Where to begin.

So, under this objectively insane proposal, you and I – the American taxpayer – will be forced to underwrite, to the tune of tens-of-millions, the immoral, unethical and unconscionable cosmetic genital mutilation surgery of every sexually confused Tom, Dick and Harry who decides to enlist.


But wait – being “transgender” doesn’t mean that a so-called “gender reassignment surgery” has to occur at all. In fact, most the time it doesn’t. It’s all subjective. A male trooper need only – to borrow from Shania Twain – “feel like a woman” to be treated like a woman.

Or, to use the left’s pseudo-scientific newspeak, a person’s “gender identity or expression” need only conflict with his, her or whatchahoozie’s biological sex, to be considered the opposite sex.

Relativism: Detaching liberals from reality since the Garden of Eden.

So, dads, if these nutburgers push this thing through, are you ready to send your daughter to boot camp? Are you ready for her to shower along some guy in in the open latrine, fully armed with his standard, non-military-issue equipment? Are you ready to have some sexually disturbed private expose his privates to your 18-year-old baby girl?

Well, when Elders, Obama and the rest of these clowns, none of whom know which end of the gun goes “Bang!” make their move (and they will), that’s exactly what you’ll have.

This will strengthen national security how?

God help us.

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