Treat Illegals the Way Mexico Treats Americans

Millions of Mexicans and other Hispanics commit felonies by entering the United States illegally.  Then they start demanding rights that they shouldn’t get.  They get medical coverage, are allowed to send their kids to public schools to get an education and they take jobs away from US citizens.  There have been numerous incidences of illegals collecting unemployment benefits, social security disability and food stamps, all at taxpayer expense.

When law enforcement officers try to enforce immigration laws and arrest illegals, they protest and claim racial profiling and even file lawsuits against those trying to carry out US laws.

But what happens when an American attempts to legally cross into Mexico and abide by all of the laws of the US and Mexico?

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In the case of former US Marine Jon Hammar, you get arrested and sent to prison in one of the worst areas of Mexico.

While serving in the Marines, Hammar found himself in Falluja, Iraq.  His close friend serving with him was shot and killed by a sniper.  It greatly affected Hammar who was later diagnosed as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  He was treated for PTSD at a veterans center in California and upon completion of his treatment, he was released.

Hammar and friend then planned a trip to Costa Rica to go surfing.  They pooled their money and bought an old used Winnebago to drive from their home, through Mexico and down to Costa Rica.  Among the items that Hammar packed was a vintage Sears & Roebuck shotgun that had belonged to his great-grandfather.  When they arrived at the US-Mexico border, he registered the shotgun with US Customs and Border Protection officials.  He inquired about the legality of taking the shotgun over the border and was told that it was okay.

When he crossed over the border into Matamoros, Mexico, he followed the instructions that had been given to him and attempted to register the shotgun with Mexican authorities.  However, he was immediately arrested and charged with the possession of a deadly weapon.

It turns out that there is an archaic law on the Mexican books that states that shotguns must have a barrel length of 25 inches or longer.  Hammar’s heirloom shotgun has a barrel length of only 24 inches.  If convicted in a Mexican court, Hammar could be sentenced up to 12 years in prison.

His parents have been working with the US Embassy in Mexico, but so far Hammar remains in jail which is proving to be as dangerous, if not more so than Iraq.  The prison Hammar is currently being held at is basically run by the drug cartels.  They have made threats against his life and extortion demands from him and his family.  There have been times that Hammar has been shackled to his bed and his parents fear for his life.

If this is the way Americans are going to be treated by Mexican authorities, especially when the American is trying to do things legally, then I say it’s time to round up every illegal Mexican in the country and imprison them for breaking our federal laws.  We treat their illegals better than we treat many of our own citizens and they treat our legals worse than our worse prisons.

Like I’ve said time and again, bring our troops home and station them along the entire US-Mexico border.  It’s time to secure our own borders instead of those of other nations.  And If Obama doesn’t like it, he should be treated like every other illegal alien and arrested and thrown into a prison cell with several others just like him.

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