Troy, Michigan Rejects Federal Money

There is no greater pleasure to a conservative heart to see the media serfs of the socialist political establishment scream in pain when a person is faithful and uncompromising in standing on their moral principles. It always reminds me of the Gospel stories where demons screamed of pain when Jesus cast them out. When immorality, wickedness, and deceit meet integrity, faithfulness, and truth, the excruciating pain in the heart of evil is a sight to see.

Such pleasure I had reading an article in The New York Times today: “Michigan City Turns Down Millions of Dollars, Saying Federal Money Is Not Free.”

Janice Daniels, the Mayor of the City of Troy elected with the votes of the Tea Party – and herself one of the founders of the local chapter of the Tea Party – urged the City Council to turn down the federal grant. “There’s nothing free about government money,” she said in an interview. “It’s never free, and it’s crippling our way of life.” That’s exactly according to the principles of the Tea Party. And exactly according to the principles this Republic was founded upon. It is about moral principles.

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The liberal New York Times just can’t get it. How come? If Mayor Daniels was a liberal, she would have sacrificed every single moral principle for money – that’s what liberals always do, money trumps ethics every day of the week if one is a liberal. And they think everyone else is like them.

So they have an explanation:

In what could be a new high water mark of anti-Washington sentiment…

Ah, that’s what it is. It ain’t about moral principles. it’s about a “sentiment.” Even worse, it is an “anti” sentiment. Something negative, you know. After all, liberals are always driven by sentiments; therefore the Tea Party must be the same.

Then, of course, a number of “sober” voices are quoted that the money could have helped the City of Troy have jobs. Develop as a “transportation center.” Develop the economy. And so on.

Nothing is mentioned of what actually happened to those previous projects where federal money have poured by trillions. The public schools. The bank stimulus. The auto industry. None of them seems to prosper – there are no new jobs, and there is no economic growth. And the public schools are the worst place where parents can send their children – unless, of course, they like to see their children dumbed down, drugged down, beaten up and robbed. And we haven’t even started discovering what is happening behind the doors of state colleges supported with federal grants; the Penn State scandal may only be the beginning of it. Nothing is mentioned of those other nations around the world where American federal money is sent as a foreign aid – they all remain in abject poverty, and local tyrants rule over their defenseless populations armed with Russian and Chinese weapons bought with American federal money. When all talk is done, at the end of the day, there is not a single successful project that federal money has achieved, whether here in the US or abroad.

But indeed, as Mayor Daniels said, “it’s crippling our way of life.” And the moral damage from it is much greater than the perceived benefit. If you don’t believe her, try it on your children. Start giving them everything they want, don’t make them work for it, and see what happens. Mayor Daniels acted like a responsible adult, refusing to accept what on the surface is free, but deep inside is morally rotten.

We need more mayors and governors like her. And a President who will cut federal expenses by at least a trillion dollars. The crippling of our way of life must stop, if we want America to survive.

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