Trump Calls for Spy Probe, Leftists Freak Out!

On Sunday, President Trump wrote on Twitter that he would be ordering an investigation into allegations that the FBI and/or the DOJ spied on the Trump campaign for political purposes. Trump’s call for an investigation led liberals to go foaming at the mouth crazy.

Keep in mind the president didn’t come up with the idea his campaign may have been spied on, it was the progressive bibles, The NY Times and the Washington Post. Two months before the Times and Post, the story was actually broken by Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller. In his March 2018 report, Ross even outed the “spy” Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper. But the story didn’t really build until it was picked up by the liberal media. By Sunday the “spy story” was everywhere, and the president demanded answers:

Seems like a reasonable request, but liberals claimed that President Trump made up the spy story and did so to hurt the Mueller investigation.

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It started with the former CIA Director who is also a perjurer:

BTW as my friend, Adam Baldwin pointed out to Brennan we aren’t a democracy:

Journalist Sara Carter believes Brennan doth speak too much:

Adam Schiff (D-CA) not only forgot where the story came from but seemed to be angry he didn’t get the chance to leak it first. Schiff withdrew his head from former president Obama’s butt long enough to tweet.

Former presidential Candidate Evan McMullin who refuses to return to the obscurity he so richly deserves added:

Joe Scarborough called it a Trump conspiracy, even though Trump had nothing to do with creating the story.  But then again if Trump cured cancer, Joe would complain that he caused over-population.


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