Trump Could Be Next Ross Perot and Give 2016 Election to Hillary

Ross Perot made billions of dollars by starting companies and selling them. In 1962, Perot founded Electronic Data Systems and sold it to General Motors in 1984. In 1988 he founded Perot Systems and sold it to Dell in 2009 for $3.9 billion dollars.

In 1992, Perot ran for president as an Independent. His political views were closer to conservative Republicans than with liberal Democrats. When the ballots were counted, Perot received almost 20 million votes, giving him 18.9% of the total popular vote. Although he drew votes from conservatives, moderates and liberals, exit polls revealed that he drew more votes from George H. W. Bush than from Bill Clinton, basically giving the election to Clinton. Many political experts believe that Perot’s campaign cost Bush his re-election bid.

Now we have another billionaire, Donald Trump, running for the presidency. Currently, Trump is running as a Republican. After speaking the truth about illegal immigrants from Mexico being criminals and rapists, Trumps popularity among conservatives surged, placing him in the lead in a number of polls.

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When asked why they favor Trump, many conservatives say that they are tired of professional politicians and want someone with a good business mind to run the country.

Now Trump attacked Sen. John McCain’s military record and the fact that McCain was a prisoner of war during Vietnam. Then Trump added insult to injury to all POWs when he said he likes people who were not captured. He made it sound like being captured somehow made a person’s service to his country less honorable.

Now I’m NOT a fan of McCain as he has definitely gone over to the dark side of liberalism since losing to Obama in 2008. But I have to ask Trump to explain how McCain could have avoided being captured after being shot down over North Vietnam? He suffered broken legs and arm and other injuries but managed to survive five and half years in a North Vietnamese POW facility. Much of his time in captivity was in a cage that was so small he couldn’t stand up straight even after his legs healed. McCain was given the opportunity to leave his captivity but he elected to stay and help the other US servicemen also being held captive.

Trump not only insulted McCain, but he insulted every American ever held captive during times of war. This time his comments have cut much deeper at the heart of America than his comments about immigrants had. He shamed and belittled every America POW which also has to question just how loyal he would be to securing their release if he were elected to the White House.

Not only are Republicans offended by Trump’s tirade but so are the Democratic candidates. Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee has said that Trump does not represent the GOP and they do not endorse him in any way.

A number of political pundits believe that Trump is serious about his run for the Oval Office and that he will not withdraw. It’s unlikely that Trump will actually win the GOP nomination. Some of them are already speculating that the backlash among Republicans and the Party officials may cause Trump to end up running as a third party candidate. If he does, it will be 1992 Ross Perot all over again and Trump will likely draw enough Republican votes to insure a 2016 victory for Hillary Clinton.


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