Trump Makes Pollster’s Legs Shake

One of the most vomit-inducing characteristics of the whole Obama phenomenon is the bizarre personality cult that his handlers have encouraged.

There was the laughable train of fainting front-row ladies before he was elected and a few times in his re-election campaign. Even the sycophants in the mainstream media got so tired of that setup that it was mentioned in several newspapers during an otherwise awe-struck media political season.

And there were the choirs and rap groups doing Obama songs. Some of those were downright creepy.

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Speaking of creepy, there was also the Lena Dunham “Your First Time” Obama video. That’s definitely one woman you want to cross the street to avoid.

The worst example of the Obama fetish, though, has to be when MSNBC host Chris Matthews talked about how one of Obama’s speeches gave him a thrill up his leg. When alleged journalists start publicly discussing how watching a politician is an erotic experience, it’s time to turn the TV off.

That sort of disturbing, schmaltzy, smarmy, bedroom fantasy hero worship has lingered like pet odors long after the last vote was cast and seems to be a permanent fixture in the mythological Obamascape.

So do we really need to start developing a similar cult about Donald Trump?

The warning signs are already there, with the enthusiasm for the tough-talking Trump reaching growing by leaps and bounds.

It’s understandable because he’s addressing the border in a way that many Americans from all political persuasions have been wanting to see it addressed. His call for building a wall and deporting the illegal aliens who are here resonates with people who aren’t in the privileged class that hires illegals to mow their lawns.

In a time when nearly all politicians lie and the RINO leadership class in particular has repeatedly backstabbed conservatives in the GOP, Trump’s uncensored mouth is a change welcomed by many voters.

Trump’s candidacy is dividing the GOP, with people who are tired of being ignored flocking to the billionaire’s possibly quixotic venture, and the RINOs running scared and casting about desperately for anyway to kill Trump’s campaign.

A focus group conducted by pollster and GOP consultant Frank Luntz delivered an earful from pro-Trump voters about why they are joining their hero on the warpath.

All of their comments were about how political leaders have let down America by losing control of the border, creating a mess in the Middle East, failing to fix the economy and how Trump seems to be the man who can actually fix some of that, or at least is the only one who seems to have the backbone to try.

It’s the sort of stuff that anyone living in the real world, which begins 50 feet outside the border of Washington, D.C., would already know. But Luntz’s comment to reporters about the focus group was, “My legs are shaking.”

Recall that a previous Luntz focus group had decided that Trump lost the presidential debate on Fox. Trump called Luntz a “low class slob” and wound up soaring in polls instead.

So whether Luntz’s shaky legs are due to hero worship or fear — or a little of both — is unclear. But what is clear is that Trump’s personality is starting to take over the landscape.

And that in politics is seldom a good thing.

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