Trump Says ‘Caravan’ Asylum Seekers Will Have to Wait in Mexico After Applying

In the past, all asylum seekers have been let into the U.S. while their applications are considered. But under a new plan that is to be no more as the administration says future asylum seekers will have to stay in Mexico after applying for the privilege.

The fear, of course, is that these so-called “asylum seekers” are really just lying and once let into the U.S. they will just disappear and refuse to follow up with their applications and case workers.

In the past just anyone has been let into the U.S. after claiming asylum, but that may be changing.

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According to Fox News:

Asylum seekers have historically been allowed to stay in the U.S. while their cases are processed without fear of being deported. Under the new measures, asylum seekers will have to prove a “reasonable fear” of persecution in Mexico in order to gain entry. The new measure could go into effect as soon as Friday, the report said.

While this may outrage liberals, it turns out Mexico had been doing this all along. No asylum seekers are allowed to stay in Mexico until their applications are approved.

The new policy idea was first reported by the Washington Post which cited three “unnamed” Trump administration officials who did not want to be named because the policy is just in the discussion stages and not yet ready for implementation.

Still, the change can’t come soon enough. Anywhere between 3,000 and 4,000 illegal aliens have already made it to the southern U.S. border — and that is quite a contradiction to what CNN’s arrogant Jim Acosta said.

Speaking of Acosta and his arrogance, in his last White House press conference appearance, Acosta said that these illegals are not an invasion and would not be climbing our border walls to gain illegal access to the U.S.

He proved to be an abject liar because only days after CNN’s fake news chief said that to the president, film of illegals climbing over a fence in California began circulating. So, they did exactly what Trump said they would likely do and the opposite of what liar Acosta said.

Fortunately, late last month the administration began sending members of a 58,000 U.S. troop contingent to the border to deal with the mounting invasion. And they began laying row upon row of razor wire to serve as a deterrent to illegals climbing over the fencing.

On Monday, the president tweeted about that work…

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