Trump’s Finest Hour Yet?

While we are used to seeing spectacular State of the Union addresses we have to give President Trump the highest marks for this one.  Not only was Mr. Trump in fine form, looking very much in control and the master of the situation, but the staging of all the invited notable guests, with several surrounding First Lady Melania, spectacular in her own right, but the President’s handling of their stories was elegant.  People who have committed heroic acts are often very modest as what they did was often an innate response and not a considered act so they want no credit for it and are sincerely embarrassed.  Mr. Trump’s appreciation guided what he said very well.

The President’s content was spot on the concerns of the people who are tired of Democratic guilt-tossing that we are responsible for people fleeing their countries rather than rebel and repair them. Every TV camera shot of the leading Democrats showed them frowning, groaning and slouching in their seats.  So much for “reaching across the aisle.”

The big accomplishment President Trump has is the economy and his report both “black” and Latino unemployment are at “all time lows” was not applauded by Democrats!  This confirms the obvious that Democrats are not for Americia; they are for Democrats.

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Democrats now claim our economic improvements are due to the work President Obama did in his two terms, but a review of the facts show otherwise:

2008 DOW

The DOW stock index of 2008 shows that when Mitt Romney was nominated (A) the index popped up, but when Mr. Obama was nominated (B) the index went into a steep decline.  When the tape was released (C) that major media used to destroy the Romney campaign the DOW went into free-fall finally bottoming at the Obama inauguration.

The sharp turn up soon after the inauguration is a product of new Federal Reserve Chairman Dr. Ben Benanke, Ph.D. of Princeton, who created “Quantitative Easing,” QE, which is a fancy way of saying printing money with no basis.

Before QE the Federal Reserve had to sell T-Bonds, at $100,000 per, to justify printing $100,000 of new currency.  This rule validated said printing as something of value backed the paper, justified its’ existence.  This has been the theory of money that has made ours the strongest economy in the world, but Bernanke threw it away in one stupid move!

And, he lowered interest rates so banks could not only get money cheaply, but thanks to the ending of the Glass-Steagal law that kept them out of equities markets, could pour money into the markets, exciting them to inflation and make millions if not billions without having to manage loans!  This inflated the markets which also inflated the economic measures.  Nonetheless, the records for economic expansion for the Obama years were poor.  they are:

2008 – 2.77%, 2009 – 0.24%, 2010 – 2.73%, 2011 – 1.68%, 2012 – 1.28%, 2013 – 2.66%, 2014 – 2.70%, 2015 – 2.02%, 2016 – 1.84%

It should be obvious that without “Bernanke Bucks” six of the eight Obama years, if not all eight, would have shown deep declines consistent with the doubling of food stamp usage and several other social programs.  To say the Obama years were economically positive is “spin.”

Democrat political guru James Carvel said, “It’s the economy, stupid!” and no truer words have ever have been uttered.  To think the Democrats have a chance of retaking the House and/or Senate is ridiculous on economics alone.  Add to this what is coming from the FBI scandal, the failure of the Mueller investigation which telegraphed the paucity of it when he violated Paul Manaford’s Constitutional rights by breaking and entering his home before dawn and from there has gone down!  Had that happened at my house somebody(s) would be dead and that is true of most homes where I live.

Mueller’s first finding is that the Steele narrative, erroneously called “a dossier,” which is a sheaf of documents, is 38 pages of fiction for which the DNC paid the Podesta brothers $12 million when the author got $68,000 confirms the scummy nature of the people on that side.

The contrasts between the Trump Presidency and the Democratic Party could not be more stark, stunning or telling.


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