TSA Can’t Even Protect Us from Terrorist Threat Made by TSA Agent

The whole purpose of the TSA is to protect us from terrorist attacks, which to the best of my knowledge, they haven’t successfully accomplished as yet.  They have been successful in stealing millions of containers of shampoo, lotions, and toothpaste, along with nail clippers and knitting needles.  They’ve also been very successful in groping and fondling children, women of all ages, disabled people and even our heroic military veterans.  But don’t forget they did successfully disarm a sock monkey of his 2 inch long toy gun.

Now I hear that the TSA had a terrorist threat made by one of their own.  On January 25, Jeno Mouton, a TSA agent working at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston got a little hot under the collar about something.  He told his supervisor that ‘he would rather vent than to come back and shoot up the place.’  The statement was made while he was on duty.

The supervisor spent several minutes with Mouton trying to calm him down and get him to recant his threat.  That didn’t work.  Mouton repeated the threat several times, so the supervisor reported the incident to the human resources office manager.  Mouton was told to leave and not to return to that airport or any TSA office or facility.

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Four days later on January 29, Mouton was spotted by another TSA worker.  He was wearing plain clothes and was inside the secure area of the airport.  The worker reported the incident and an arrest warrant was issued for him.  His supervisors say they are concerned because Mouton has a conceal carry permit.

Police picked Mouton up and booked him on a felony terrorist charge.  He was jailed with a $5,000 bond.  His hearing is scheduled for March 7.

Even after they heard Mouton repeat his threat several times, he still managed to return and gain access to the secure area of a large international airport.  If they can’t protect us from their own agents, then who are they protecting us from?  The only people in an airport that most of us feel threatened by are the TSA agents themselves and this incident with one of their own only reinforces our mistrust of them.

That’s why I agree with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) when he says we should eliminate the TSA  altogether and doing so would save hundreds of millions of dollars that could go to reducing the deficit.

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