TSA Guilty of Molesting 10 Year Old Girl?

Have you ever had a negative experience going through TSA security at an airport?

A professional acquaintance of mine also had a very humiliating experience with the TSA.  On one of his travels, he was taken into a room and forced to strip completely naked in front of complete strangers because he set off the metal detectors big time.  This gentleman was in a serious auto accident years ago and had numerous pieces of metal holding his once broken body together.  He told me afterward that they not only had him strip completely naked in front of them, but they felt it necessary to touch and probe him everywhere possible.

Back in 2012, I wrote about the 17-year-old grandniece of US Rep Ralph Hall who underwent a pat down by TSA agents. During the pat down, the agent pulled the teens shoulder straps off her shoulders causing her dress to fall enough to expose her breasts and this was done in the security line, not in a private room. After Hall demanded an investigation and firing of the TSA agent, TSA watched video of what happened and blamed the girl’s dress, not their agent.

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I don’t fly that often, but on one occasion I witnessed a female TSA agent pat down an attractive young lady I estimated to be in her mid-twenties.  As the TSA agent firmly felt the woman’s breasts, the young woman looked at the young man traveling with her and turned a deep red from embarrassment.  The TSA agent then moved down her body and didn’t seem to be very gentle when she checked the groin area.  The passenger jumped with surprise at the invasion and the TSA agent sternly told her to stand still.

The incident surprised me as I would have expected them to do this in private, but no, it was done right there in front of all to see.  You could tell the young woman was thoroughly embarrassed and seemed humiliated by the experience and the young man with her was visibly angry.

On another occasion a TSA agent literally groped a woman at a Florida airport. Five years earlier she had been raped and the ordeal of being intimately groped by the TSA agent was so traumatic for her that her husband reported that she needed psychiatric treatment afterwards.

We’ve all heard stories that about negative experiences going through TSA security, but one 10-year-old girl feels violated by her overly extensive pat down. The Payne family from San Diego were at the Raleigh-Durham International airport to start their trip home. When 10-year-old Vendela went through security, TSA agents found a juice box in the girl’s purse and then they claim she tested positive for explosives. That’s when a female TSA agent pulled the young girl from the line and began patting her down in front of everyone.

Vendela’s father Kevin Payne recorded the 2 minute pat down on his cell, saying:

“I thought it was incredibly inappropriate, very invasive and it really violated my daughter.”

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Vendela reacted to the over extensive pat down, saying:

“They just kept doing it over and over. I felt very uncomfortable. I felt like screaming.”

Kevin Payne says he plans on filing a complaint with TSA, but I doubt it will do any good. TSA has already stated:

“…the process by which the child was patted down followed approved procedures.”

Don’t forget that this is the same agency that blamed a 17-year-old girl’s dress for exposing her breast in front of others when it was their agent that pulled her straps off her shoulder. This is also the same security agency that detected only 1 of 20 bombs in a test, let illegal aliens on board planes without any IDs, humiliates a dying passenger in front of everyone around, treated a wounded veteran of the year like a terrorist and laugh at the naked body images shown with the full body scanners.

TSA is a completely inept and useless organization that sexually molests, insults, humiliates, steals from passengers and hires criminals. I’ll conclude with the title of a post by Bruce Schneier on CNN Opinion:

Why are we spending $7 billion on TSA?


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