TSA Kills Thousands Every Year

Statistically, Americans are 4 times more likely to die from a lightning bolt strike than from a terrorist attack. The chances of dying in a car wreck are 1 in 19,000 while the chances of dying in a terrorist attack are 1 in 22 million. Yet, trillions of dollars have been spent fighting an unwinnable war on terror that has nothing to do with making us safe, but everything to do with money and power, as is most everything else in politics.

We’ve given the TSA over $60 billion, and how many terrorists have they caught? Zero. Of course, security theater proponents use this to their advantage and say that the TSA have prevented terrorist attacks from happening. The TSA have saved lives, they claim. This is obviously wishful thinking and unverifiable at best. In fact, the only times terrorists were actually thwarted at an airport were when a traveler reported the person to law enforcement. The “counter-terrorism” measures haven’t worked to prevent real terrorists from doing what they want to do. The scanners do nothing except slow things down and make money for the scanner companies. The groping does nothing except humiliate people.

For these reasons, people don’t want to fly as much anymore. They don’t like being treated like cattle and being terrorized at the airport. They’d rather drive instead. And this drives up another statistic – car accident fatalities. Eric Peters is a regular contributor to Lew Rockwell’s site. He states:

“According to data compiled by Cornell University researchers, the ugsomeness of dealing with the TSA has pushed a goodly number of former air travelers into their cars – and back onto the roads. This, in turn has led to a measurable increase in monthly traffic fatalities – about 242 per month that would otherwise not have occurred. Some quick addition is in order. Let’s be easy on our calculators – and generous to the Blue Goons – and assume the figure is off by more than half. Let’s say it’s only 100 additional deaths per month attributable to TSA Avoidance Syndrome. That’s 1,200 deaths annually. Times four equals 4,800. In less than four years, then, TSA has managed to get more Americans killed than Osama bin Laden.”

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 Even if it could be proven that the TSA have been preventing terrorist attacks all this time, their invasive security theater have driven people away and caused these travelers to travel in a more risky way, thereby making their deaths more likely. So what if the TSA have prevented (hypothetically) a couple terrorist attacks. They’re still contributing to all the car accidents deaths. Just because these people aren’t dying from terrorist attacks doesn’t mean their deaths should be less scary than terrorist attacks. They’re still dead. Does it really matter how they died?

Americans’ fear of terrorism is completely irrational. The real threat is so low that law enforcement have to fabricate scenarios in order to justify their existence. This fear has been fueled by politicians and media alike who only seek power and control over us. What better way is there to control us than by scaring us into submission with the threat of terrorism that they often have to create themselves?

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