TSA Whistleblower: Agents Laugh at Naked Body Images

There’s a former TSA agent turned whistleblower that’s created a blog called Taking Sense Away (TSA). His blog postings reveal that he was just as much or more incensed as many passengers have been about all the ridiculous policies that the TSA employ as part of their security theater. In fact, he confesses that he tried as often as he could as a screener to bypass some of the more stupid polices like banning snow globes and peanut butter. He said he used common sense in those cases to allow passengers to be on their way without being subjected to silly bag searches. But such common sense was not appreciated, and perhaps that is why he is no longer employed by the TSA.

His blog postings are usually responses to readers’ questions. One such question had to do with what actually happens in the TSA “private room.” The anonymous blogger differentiated between the “private room” and the image operator room. Here’s an excerpt:

“Now, the I.O. Room (the image operator room, where your nude images are viewed at airports that still use the backscatter x-ray full body scanners), that, my friend, is a whole different story. In the image analysis room, no one is permitted to leave or enter without ample warning (part of TSA’s promise to the public that officers “would never see the passenger whose nude image they just viewed,” although I did occasionally witness this being violated, see Confession #1) and, like the private screening room, recording devices of any kind are prohibited. So in summation: what you have are one to two to three TSA officers locked in a room, viewing nude passenger images, with a guarantee that no one can barge in on them, and that no surveillance cameras can legally be present.”

“Just use your imagination on the stories among TSA officers of what has gone on in the I.O. room.”

“Personally, in the I.O. room, I witnessed light sexual play among officers, a lot of e-cigarette vaping, and a whole lot of officers laughing and clowning in regard to some of your nude images, dear passengers. Things like this are what happens (at the very least) when you put people who are often fresh out of high school or a GED program (although there are actually a few TSA screeners with PhDs, which I guess is sad on so, so many levels) with minimal training and even less professionalism, into the position of being in charge of analyzing nude images of people in a hermetically sealed room.”

 So, there you have it. Not that we didn’t already know. The wannabe counterterrorist unit that is the TSA laughs at your body behind closed doors in an effort to protect us all from the existential threat of terrorism.

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