TSA’s Endorsement of Rand Paul for President in 2016

This morning, Senator Rand Paul was detained by the TSA thugs at the Nashville airport because he refused to allow them to do an invasive pat down search. Senator Paul went through the scanner as required, but the thugs declared that “something was wrong with the scanner” and therefore he had to go through the pat down. Senator Paul refused. For this he was detained, and later turned back.

We all know the true reason “there was something wrong with the scanner.” Rand Paul is one of the only two members of Congress and the Senate who are indefatigable opponents of TSA and the unconstitutional law its existence is based on: The Patriot Act. The other one is his father, Ron Paul. Rand Paul did what every American who values their liberty should do: Refuse to allow an unconstitutional agency to deprive us of our constitutional liberties under the pretext of keeping us safe. We are not kept safe by the TSA. TSA hasn’t done a single thing to keep us safe. Its purpose is to keep us humiliated; and to provide government jobs for perverts. It has to go. And that’s what Rand Paul and Ron Paul are calling for. And that’s why the TSA’s actions today are simply a revenge on Senator Rand Paul for his firm stance against tyranny.

The White House immediately sided with the TSA. Of course. The TSA was a gift for the Democrats by their Republican brethren who passed the unconstitutional Patriot Act, and then renewed it. Democrats are Communists by ideology, and they need a law that will centralize all power, and subject the population to government bureaucrats. The Republicans gave it to them. Obama didn’t hesitate in putting it to use just a few months after he became President.

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Most Republican representatives still support the Patriot Act. In fact, these same Republican representatives passed the NDAA which effectively destroys the habeas corpus provision in the Constitution. And of the remaining candidates for a Republican presidential nominee, three openly supported the Patriot Act: Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich. Which comes to show how far the Republican Party is from its original ideals; or even from the ideas of Ronald Reagan.

Again, Ron Paul is the only one who opposes tyranny and fights for liberty. The son learned from the father.

Conservatives have been complaining for decades now of the advance of socialism in America. And yet, they have been voting for the same GOP establishment candidates who voted for laws like the Patriot Act and the NDAA that give the Democrats the tools to advance socialism even more. It’s about time for the conservatives in this nation to put their money and their ballots where their mouth is. And vote for those politicians who defend liberty, and oppose the tyranny. If we fail to do it, we shouldn’t be surprised when one day the Commissars knock on our door. It is that simple.

America needs statesmen who will stand against tyranny. There is no point of fretting about a threat of a distant nation that can’t even produce their own gasoline and clothes, when the true tyrants are here, at home. Rand Paul proved this morning that he understands the tradition of liberty, and that he will stand for it. The TSA endorsed him for President for 2016.

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