Twitter Approves Ads for Muslim Female Genital Mutilation But Bans U.S. Christians

This is how far left Twitter is — The social media giant has approved ads for Muslims looking to sell people on the disgusting, immoral act of female genital mutilation but has denied Christians who want to take out anti-abortion ads.

The ads Twitter allowed for distribution into the Twitter feeds of millions of users celebrate the Muslim “khafz,” which is an abhorrent tradition that many Muslim countries force onto their little girls.

The tweet made by Dawoodi Bohra Women for Religious Freedom (DBWRF), tries to make khafz seem like a normal and safe practice. But in fact, it is an inhuman and dangerous operation that destroys a girl’s vagina.

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“My daughters have also undergone khafz, and they’re growing up as perfectly as other children of their age,” the post reads with a video of testimony from a Muslim mother. “As a mother, I can never do anything to harm them.”

Twitter has allowed this post and several others on the same topic to be promoted as an ad that appears in many feeds across the world.

So, what is this “khafz”? In the west we generally call it FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). It is a horrible practice where a little girl’s clitoris is brutally cut out of her vagina and then her vaginal opening is sewn shut leaving only a small hole for urine and fluids to be released. The point for this disgusting practice is that that sometime in the future this little girl’s husband will be positive she is a virgin and on their wedding day this husband will take a knife and rip open the woman’s vagina so he can be the first to have sexual intercourse with her. And because her clitoris was removed, it also prevents a woman from ever experiencing an orgasm and that means women never gain any pleasure from sex. These Muslims believe that women are disgusting creatures that cannot psychologically withstand the joys of sex so they must be mutilated to satisfy their men.

Can you imagine anything more barbaric? These ceremonies are also done with no anesthetic and are often done by another woman and NOT a doctor. Sometimes the butchery is done with a knife, a razor blade, or a splinter of glass. Often these girls have lifelong infections from the wounds and from the fact that air does not get inside the vaginal opening while it is sewn shut for years upon years. Girls sometimes die from these barbaric procedures.

This practice is common throughout Islam from Africa, to the Middle East, to the Indonesian Islands and beyond. It is also common right here in the U.S.A. even though it is supposed to be illegal.

And yet, here is Twitter happily promoting this brutal sexual assault on Muslim girls. Why because it is a Muslim practice. Granted this practice is not laid out in the Quran. It grew from African culture and spread throughout Islam from there. It is not religiously required, but it very common, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Twitter consistently bans Christians looking to take out promoted ads to work against abortion.

As Breitbart News noted:

Last year, Twitter blocked Rep. Marsha Black Burn (R-TN) from promoting a campaign advertisement which highlighted the sale of aborted baby parts, and in August, Twitter blocked a congressional campaign video from Republican candidate Elizabeth Heng which detailed her parents’ escape from Cambodian communist atrocities.

So, Twitter happily helps Muslims pass on their monstrous tradition of brutalizing and mutilating their little girls but refuses to help Christians work against murdering babies in the womb.

That is the oppression and bias that conservatives and Christians face from the tech giants, folks.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Twitter @warnerthuston.

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