Twitter Suspends Conservative After She Copies NY Times Writer’s Racist Tweets

Conservative Twitter user Candace Owens was suspended over the weekend by the social media giant after she made word-for-word copies of the racist, anti-white rants by New York Times writer Sarah Jeong but replacing “white” with “Jewish.” It again proves that liberals will do anything to destroy the free speech of all conservatives.

But it also proves that liberals are wild hypocrites who really have no morals or standards at all. Indeed, if Owen’s tweets were racist with the word “Jewish” in them, they must also be racist if they are set against white people.

If you are a conservative active on Twitter you no doubt know of Candace Owens. She has been tearing it up recently and doing a fantastic job destroying the left. And her latest target with Sarah Jeong.

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Last week the so-called “paper of record” announced that it had hired Jeong for its editorial board. But only hours passed before a score of racists tweets she posted came to light. The paper said it was proud of its hire, despite all her racist tweets.

To highlight Jeong’s racist tweets, Owens copied them word-for-word with just one small change.

As Breitbart News reported:

Owens’ tweets mimicked the wording of Jeong’s, with one important difference: Owens substituted the words “Jewish people” for “white people,” in an attempt to show that some forms of racism are considered more acceptable than others.

Jeong, for instance, posted these two tweets that are STILL on Twitter today:

But as soon as Owens made her tweets with the small change, she was instantly banned from the social media service. In short order, Owens received this notice from Twitter:

More from Breitbart News:

Meanwhile, Owens did receive a temporary suspension, as well as an order to delete her tweets, for using precisely the same language as Jeong, swapping “Jewish people” for “white people.”

Owens even clarified in the tweet itself that she was repeating Jeong’s statements, not making original statements of her own. Twitter still banned her.

So, as far as Twitter is concerned you can be as racist as you want if you are attacking white people. But if you dare post the EXACT same words about others you are banned.

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