Two Former Feminists Have Busted the Left’s Lies WIDE Open

Two women from two different eras of feminism have separately come forward to show how feminism is built on lies meant to push anti-American ideals to tear down this country.

One of these former feminists is a 27-year old woman still at the beginning of her career and the other is in her 60s and was there when feminism first became a national movement in the 1970s and 70s. But both have come forward on their own — and not in coordination — to reveal the lies they were forced to tell to push the left’s anti-American agenda.

Most recently, an Australian career woman who is going by the name of Georgia, says she believes she was sold a lie and deprived of years of happiness because of feminism. She notes that as she nears her thirties, her biological clock has brought her to her senses.

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“Working women are more often jealous of and less happy than stay-at-home moms, but we told you it was the other way around. I am sorry we lied to you,” Georgia says in her new video.

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She says she is not opposed to women getting jobs, but she feels compelled to warn young women that being focused only on a career and not a family can result in tremendous unhappiness.

“We taught you that happiness is in freedom, and that part at least is true, but we told you that freedom was outside of the family home and oppression was inside the family home,” she told her viewers.

“We told you indirectly that you should be ashamed of being a house wife – just a house wife – that it was a dirty word, that it would waste your potential, that it was the easy way out, and those that did do that were a disappointment and were degrading themselves,” she said of feminism. “And so, when the time crunch came for you to choose your pathway when you were 17, you knew that the only formula for happiness and success was in career.”

“We lied to you because we were lied to as well. We thought we were helping you, but now we know better and we are wrong. We need to stop scorning our brightest sisters who choose to spend time with children,” she said.

“We used to do it because we thought they were stupid, but now we do it because we are envious of them. We are jealous and we are bitter, and it is easier to scorn them than face the fact that we made the wrong choice,” she added.

“We don’t know how it started but it has to end with you now. True empowerment comes with being properly informed about your choices. I am sorry we didn’t inform you,” Georgia concluded.

If Georgia is not sure how it all started, Sue Ellen Browder, author of Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement is sure because she was there and helped it start.

As a writer for Cosmopolitan magazine in the 70s and 80s, Browder was there when feminists set up purposeful lies meant to fool young women into accepting the feminist agenda.

Browder explained that the stories that Cosmo lauded as “real women” leading the feminist dream were al fake stories created out of whole cloth to push the ideal. Cosmo was one giant, lying, piece of propaganda.

When I was at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, I had chosen Cosmo as my magazine to investigate for one of our classes. We were supposed to look at a magazine and see what would you have to do to sell articles to this magazine? And when I looked at it, even then, when I was out in Missouri, I said, “These stories look like they’re made up.” They didn’t feel real. They were too pat.

And when I got on Cosmo, when I got on staff at Cosmo, I found out that that was accurate. These stories were made up. Helen Gurley Brown, who was the editor of Cosmo in those days, even had a list of rules on how to make up stories to sell the sexual revolution to young women.

She continued:

Well, I said that we were writing propaganda, because propaganda, the definition of propaganda is half-truth, limited truth, and truth out of context. So, this is what we were promoting to young women.

There were lots of things that [we] were not allowed to say in the magazine. And then we made up a lot of stories about people. So, this was, this was propaganda, but you see, what people are calling “fake news” today, a lot of it is really the result of half-truths, selective truth, and truth out of context. So that’s the classic definition of propaganda.

Browder added, “Well, the consequences have been terrible for women. Well, the thing that women are protesting today in the #MeToo movement is the result of that false joining of the sexual revolution with the feminist movement.”

Browder has much, much more to say in a great interview with the Daily Signal and in her book.

But suffice to say, the feminist movement is built on a pile of lies and is meant to destroy America, not “empower women.”

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