U.N. Votes on Iran Nuclear Deal Before Congress Has Say

As promised/threatened previously by the Obama Administration, the United Nations Security Council got to vote on the Iranian nuclear deal before Congress even got to discuss it.

The 15-0 vote led to congressional complaints that had the White House backpedaling on Monday but still defending its decision to have the deal approved by foreign powers before the people of the country Obama allegedly represents could have a say.

The move even got Republicans and Democrats to join together in complaining about the slap in the face that once again shows Obama’s utter contempt for Congress.

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But in wording that plainly shows why the White House has safely been able to undermine Congress for years, the best Rep. Eliot Engel, the top Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Republican panel Chairman Ed Royce were able to come up with was a letter expressing “disappointment” and warning that “Regardless of this morning’s outcome, Congress will continue to play its role.”

Unfortunately, Congress’ role appears to be that of rubber stamp, as the Administration intended.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who has yet to receive another purple heart for recently breaking his leg during negotiations, said, “No ability of the Congress has been impinged on.”

At least not in any way that should prevent him from receiving his Nobel Peace Prize, which was apparently a major goal of the nuclear negotiations, to judge from some of the chatter in liberal circles.

Kerry had the audacity to claim that Congress — apparently, simply by existing — forced the White House’s hand with the U.N.

“Frankly, some of these other countries were quite resistant to the idea, as sovereign nations, that they were subject to the United States Congress,” Kerry said.

Naturally, seeing how we’ve just sprung this whole Congress thing on China, Russia and the rest of the world’s baddies.

“When you’re negotiating with six other countries, it does require, obviously, a measure of sensitivity and multilateral cooperation that has to take into account other nations’ desires,” Kerry said.

In other words, to hell with sensitivity and cooperation with Americans’ desires — or Constitution for that matter.

As is typical in AP stories touting “outrage” from both parties, the only outraged politicians who could be found to speak against the Administration’s move were Republican, and there were plenty of those.

Among them, presidential hopeful Marco Rubio dubbed the day “Capitulation Monday” as he noted Cuba also opened an embassy in the capital.

Even House Speaker John Boehner dried his eyes long enough to produce a little whiny-tough talk. “Enabling such a consequential vote just 24 hours after submitting the agreement documents to Congress undermines our national security and violates the spirit of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act,” he said, referring to the law that requires Congress have 60 days to review the Iran agreement.

The attitude of the Administration and most Democrats seemed to be that Republicans should quit complaining and accept their impotency because Obama will just veto any attempt at a down vote anyway.

Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. Bob Corker mustered all the strong language he could to let the Administration know of his disapproval, even invoking the “I-word” — “inappropriate” — to condemn the White House: “It is inappropriate to commit the United States to meet certain international obligations without even knowing if Congress and the American people approve or disapprove of the Iran agreement.”

I don’t know. If I were a lame-duck president with imperial delusions, I’d be quaking in my loafers at being told I was inappropriate.

Boehner and the rest of the Republican leadership continue to prove that elections don’t matter when your party is run by a bunch of spineless RINOs who are more concerned with being invited to Nancy Pelosi’s next soiree than looking out for the country’s interests.


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