U.N. Worried by U.S.’s Growing Pot Habit

The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime on Thursday reported that more Americans are using marijuana because with legalization, the  perception of harm associated with the drug has decreased.

According to Reuters, the report “suggests” that “liberalization may further increase its use among the young.”

I think we have a winner for this month’s Duh Awards.

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According to the UNODC, more people around the world, including America, are seeking treatment for marijuana-related problems as potheads run wild.

“We have an increase in harmful use of cannabis in the United States,” said Angela Me, chief researcher at the UNODC.

In its World Drug Report, the UNODC said it was still too early to completely understand trends in Washington and Colorado, as well as the country Uruguay, all of which have changed their drug laws recently. However, research shows “more permissive cannabis regulations correlate with decreases in the perceived risk of use,” which could lead to more use.

Again, duh.

The report also didn’t specify why use was increasing in the United States, according to Reuters.

Let’s put two and two together.

You’ve got a pothead “choom gang” alumnus in the Oval Office, whose policies have effectively stopped the Border Patrol from doing its job, which effectively buries the last tattered remnants of the never particularly effictive “War on Drugs,” allowing the border to be flooded with illegal immigrant children, which drug cartels in turn use as an effective distraction as they step up shipment of their wares.

During the past five years, the cartels have doped up or bribed enough Americans, including ones in authority, to embolden the decades-long effort to legalize marijuana, leading to passage of measures approving of pot in Washington and Colorado. This in turn leads to a cascade of pro-drug propaganda in the media and via word of mouth that leads more people to believe there’s nothing wrong with a little pot now and then.

Teens and young adults once again have some of their worst, most self-destructive impulses encouraged by Hollywood, the media and society at large, leading teens to do what they do with alcohol, buying it “legally” by shoulder-tapping the nearest gullible adult. That’s on top of the usual drug supply chain.

In summation, drug use is up because there are people in high places (see what I did there?) who want Americans strung out, either to increase their own fortunes or because a stupid populace is conducive to their political agenda.

Many people have noticed that this country is under attack. It’s under attack physically at the border; politically by the revival of al-Qaida and other enemies; morally by Hollywood and the Left in general; spiritually by state-backed atheism; educationally with the dumbing down of schools and rewriting of history.

Is it any surprise that we would be under attack mentally as part of an effort to increase sales of a drug that is known to cause brain damage?


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