U.S. Aid Goes to ISIS, One Way or Another

From the moment President Obama said the U.S. would “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS, I refused to believe it.

Obama has spent years creating the monster. Should we believe that now, like Dr. Frankenstein, he rejects the results of his hard work and wants to destroy it?

ISIS is too useful to what appears to the cynic in me to be Obama’s ultimate goal: reshaping the Muslim world and creating — or rather, re-creating — a Muslim caliphate capable of being a world power and empire.

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Dreams from his father, indeed.

Consider, if Obama were honestly trying to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, wouldn’t the American bombing campaign, like those in the Iraq and Gulf Wars, consist of hundreds of sorties per day? Wouldn’t we have troops on the ground to take back and hold the land, and to capture prisoners and break up ISIS support cells? In short, wouldn’t our campaign look like we were trying to win?

Instead, according to military sources, there are as few as three bomb runs per day, no ground troops and some questionable choices for targets.

At the White House level, confusion seems the order of the day, much of it from the commander in chief himself, who calls ISIS by the name ISIL as a slam to Israel, but then sometimes reverts to IS, which means Islamic State, but which he insists is not Islamic and not a state. Then somewhere out of nowhere, we were fighting “the Khorasan Group,” which nobody ever heard of until a month ago and which turns out to be nothing but al-Qaida veterans whom we can’t refer to as al-Qaida because, remember, Obama has al-Qaida “on the run.”

In the days following Obama’s “destroy and degrade” comment, Administration and Pentagon officials were in a whirl of words over what we were doing. It was a war, it was not a war, it was a long-term counterterrorism operation … it was everything but a bake sale, which is banned under Michelle Obama’s school food regulations.

Then a Congress outraged by ISIS cutting off heads approved wads of cash for “aid” to Syrian “rebels,” despite warnings from, oh, everybody that the aid would only wind up in ISIS’s hands.

And that’s exactly what’s happening. Turkish convoys contracted by USAID, that are supposed to be taking aid to rebels, are having to, as a “cost of business,” pay road taxes to ISIS just to cross their “liberated” territory. In addition, there are the food, medical and other supplies that “fall off the truck” and are distributed directly by ISIS to its conquered subjects as a propaganda tool. Some of the aid boxes are simply auctioned on the black market to fatten ISIS bank accounts.

Then there are the aerial drops, which when they happen are more like a race to see who can get to the drop spot first. A video of such a drop was recently posted on the Internet here and clearly shows ISIS fighters with a crate full of U.S. weapons, ammunition and medical supplies that were intended for Kurdish fighters against ISIS.

One day after that airdrop, at least one of the six airstrikes that day was aimed at destroying some of the materials that had been dropped the day before, according to NBC News.

The NBC report called the weapons in the ISIS video “rusty-looking,” but says that a Pentagon official confirmed the contents of the crate seems to be the same as what is being dropped for the enemies of ISIS. So not only are we not capable of delivering the goods to the right hands, but the weapons we are sending to fight ISIS are of questionable quality.

So the U.S. war effort, which the public believes is aimed at “destroying and degrading” ISIS, appears in many ways to be benefiting those who are purportedly our enemies.

Further, the whole concept of aid to Syrian rebels is a huge misdirect by the Obama Administration. Also sold as being for the purposes of fighting ISIS, the aid is intended to go to rebels who not only often make up ISIS fighting units, but whose primary purpose is the toppling of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, something Obama has wanted for years.

Only a little over a year ago, he was trying to whip up the public and Congress to start an open war in Syria over alleged use of nerve gas on civilians, but no one outside of the most hard-core Obama zombies was in favor of that. Now, with Congress’ approval, Obama is channeling millions of dollars of help to people who can make his wish come true, while claiming he’s up to something else.

Does all this prove my little conspiracy theory that Obama is actually trying to help ISIS? No.

But, as with most of Obama’s foreign policy, there seem to be only two reasonable explanations. One, the Administration is inexplicably, unbelievably, impossibly stupid — from its toenails to the hair on its head moronic. Or two, led by Obama, they are doing all these things on purpose.

Either explanation is disastrous for the United States and the world.

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