U.S. Customs Seeking Crowd-Control Weapons

If not for the fact that under President Obama the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency doesn’t actually control our border, it wouldn’t seem so strange that the agency is interested in obtaining weapons and training for mass crowd control.

It’s just the most recent in a long line of eyebrow-raising weapons-purchasing efforts by the federal government.

If and when these things hit the mainstream media, they get pooh-poohed and swept under the rug, even if the math never adds up quite right.

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For instance, Homeland Security’s well-known stockpiling of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition under Obama. That’s about five rounds for every American. The official spin is that it’s all necessary for target practice, yet thinking people can’t help but notice that even agencies like the IRS have armed response teams these days.

Then there is the ongoing militarization of local law enforcement agencies, which have been receiving armored vehicles, military-grade weapons and other military surplus courtesy of the federal government.

Going hand-in-hand with the beefing up of law enforcement have been ongoing efforts to restrict gun ownership by private citizens. Just the latest is an expression of interest by the White House in using executive orders and agency rules changes to ban one of the most commonly used commercial rounds, declaring that it has suddenly become “armor-piercing” and therefore a danger to cops and illegal.

So amid this Obama policy of “big guns for us, no guns for you,” it has to be asked why the CBP has a sudden interest in “less lethal specialty munitions,” such as flash bang grenades, gas-delivering projectiles and sonic deterrence weapons?

The recent solicitation showed up on FedBizOps.gov, seeking information from vendors about providing a long list of weaponry, from basic gas canisters and rubber bullets to 175-decibel sonic “distractors” and “ferret rounds” that can penetrate walls to deliver gas.

The complete list is linked from the original request page. Many of the munitions listed could be used for crowd control, but things like the ferret rounds sound more designed for assaulting a castle.

Which raises a question. It’s a sure bet that the Border Patrol isn’t going to start driving back invading illegal aliens with these weapons. So who exactly is the intended target for these weapons?

The request is not a purchase order, but that presumably won’t be long in coming, and the actual number and types of weapons the CBP orders will no doubt be illustrative of the agency’s intentions.

But after the months-long situation in Ferguson, Missouri, you have to wonder just how afraid the federal government is of its own citizens?

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