U.S. Kicks Israel to the Curb, Cozies Up to Nuclear Iran

In the end, Iran got everything it wanted from the “negotiations” with the Obama Administration and its European Union partners.

Iran gets sanctions lifted, it gets billions in cash, it gets to keep its nuclear program and even expand it.

Plus, the icing on the cake: Iran has a virtual guarantee that the major powers won’t go to war over its nuclear program, and that leaves Israel twisting slowly in the wind.

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Israel has been considered an ally of the United States for decades.

Iran has sworn publicly to destroy Israel and to wipe out America.

Israel isn’t perfect, but it’s a democracy.

Iran is a theocratic, terrorism-sponsoring dictatorship that engages in regular human rights abuses.

Naturally, we’ve now sided with Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been lobbying against such a deal with Iran for months, but to no apparent effect. In negotiating with a nuclear-bent rogue state, the U.S. and EU didn’t want to hear from the country that has the most to lose from a nuclear-powered Iran.

There always have been anti-Israel elements in America and the U.S. government. President Obama himself has been no friend to the country that was created in reaction to the Holocaust. His foreign policies in the Middle East have favored and supported the Muslim Brotherhood and related terrorist groups in country after country.

Is it any surprise then that his Administration would have held secret negotiations with Iran for a year (reportedly led by the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett), without the knowledge of Israel or even our other allies?

The deal announced in Geneva amounts to a total giveaway to a government that has clearly set its sights on destruction. We evidently learned nothing from Neville Chamberlain’s mistake.

You have to wonder if the destruction of Israel isn’t part of the Administration’s goal. After all, it was just a few months ago that Obama wanted to go to war with Syria, Iran’s ally, now he’s making nice with Iran itself, a country that lives to make Israel disappear from the face of the Earth.

Either Obama can’t tell which side he’s schmoozing, or there’s a larger agenda at work. The U.S. has been funding the so-called “civil war” in Syria for years now. The plan is obviously to replace the Assad regime with, once again, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose fighters dominate the rebel leadership.

Publicly, the U.S. doesn’t seem to get much of anything out of the Iraq deal. Could the real negotiation have been to keep Iran out of the Syria conflict?

A U.S.-dominated Syrian government and a newly U.S.-friendly Iran could give Obama an opportunity to … fill in the blank. The end game in the Middle East is anybody’s guess, but whatever it is seems bound to be bad news for Israel.

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