U.S. Snubbed Again as Russians Fly Through Iraq Airspace

Vladimir Putin’s the Man in the Middle East, and he knows it.

Seven years after a community organizer and barely senator named Barack Obama was promising to improve America’s image around the globe and put us back in a position of international leadership, all of our former allies under President Bush won’t return our phone calls.

Like the phone call made before the announcement of Russia’s involvement in Syria, a call during which U.S. officials asked Iraqi and Bulgarian authorities to deny Russians permission to fly over their countries to resupply Russian forces in Syria.

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Bulgaria apparently complied, but Iraqis — whose country we tore up, rebuilt and returned to its people as a democracy, but which Obama abandoned to the likes of ISIS in order to please his far-Left, anti-war base — have had enough of the United States.

Now some people in Washington are sounding like they think they’d enjoy picking a fight with Russia.

Sen. Tom Cotton said during an Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday, “I would say it’s problematic for Russia to be resupplying its forces in Syria by flying through Iraq. We should renew our request that they exclude Russian aircraft from their airspace. And our military should be ready to assist them in excluding Russian aircraft from their airspace.”

So, what? Cotton’s thinking we could risk some American lives going toe to toe with Russian MiGs just because we don’t like the way Iraq is cozying up to Putin?

I wonder if the hawks in Washington realize how petty that sounds?

We have a president who gave away everything we achieved in Iraq, including the opportunity to build a working democracy that could advance the cause of civilization in one of the most barbaric regions of the world.

What’s more, the rest of the world realizes he did it because of his back-door allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood, the root of nearly all evil in the Middle East. The fruit of that alliance has been a resurgent al-Qaida and the dark tide of ISIS.

ISIS threatens not only the Middle East, but through its manufactured waves of refugees, it threatens to overwhelm Europe and perhaps achieve a victory that has eluded Islam since its inception.

That tide also threatens Russia, but the difference is that Russia is on top of it. It’s led by Putin, the former KGB anti-hero who may yet save the world as the West collapses under the weight of the same misguided socialistic philosophies and materialistic morality that once destroyed Russia.

The people in Washington better get used to the new reality, which they themselves created. America is officially No. 2 at best and living in the growing shadow of the Russian bear.

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