U.S. Treasury Department Purposely Targeted Pensions of Non-Union Workers

One of the campaign ads I’ve seen for Barack Obama is his touting how he saved the auto industry with the government bailout in 2009.  But there is a page two to that bailout story that I don’t think he wants the American people to know about.

As part of the bailout plan, 20,000 auto parts retirees lost all of their pensions.  The 20,000 workers who lost everything just happen to be salaried retirees for Delphi, a division of General Motors that manufactures auto parts.  It also just happens that all 20,000 Delphi retirees are non-union.  Delphi retirees and workers who were members for the United Auto Workers union not only retained their pensions, but their pensions were topped off and made completely whole.

According to the White House and the Treasury Department, the decision to rob them of their retirement pensions was solely the decision of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.  Obama administration personnel had testified in court and before Congress that the administration had nothing to do with the pension cuts.  Ron Bloom, the White House auto czar for the bailout and Matthew Feldman, a former Treasury Department official involved with the bailout, both testified that it was the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation that was solely responsible for making the pension decision.  On July 11 of this year, Feldman testified saying:

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““As a result of the Delphi Corporation bankruptcy, for example, Delphi and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation were forced to terminate Delphi’s pension plans, which means there are Delphi retirees who unfortunately will collect less than their full pension benefits.”

However, The Daily Caller has obtained email communications that contradict the sworn testimony given by the administration personnel.  The emails clearly indicate that the Treasury Department ran the bailout proceedings and were the ones that directed the pension cuts of the non-union retirees while maintaining the pensions of union members.

The Daily Caller also pointed out that the PBGC is the only government organization allowed under federal law (29 U.S.C. §1342) to take the action to cut pensions. The communications reveal that the administration violated this federal law in their actions involving the non-union pension cuts and subsequent lying under oath.

Once again, we see how the Obama administration has declared war on non-union members and the right to work in the United States.  According to them, no one should have the right to work and provide for their families unless they belong to a union.  When you look at the way many unions operated these days, especially in states that do not have a right to work law, unions act very much like a socialistic government, which is probably why Obama and his administration is so anti non-union.

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